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  1. I appreciate that. I will shadowing PA's and working in healthcare so I will be able to make an informed decision in the coming years.
  2. This is a good point. Hopefully in the next few years I'll be able to shadow multiple PA's and truly find out if this is what I want to do.
  3. I didn't mean to come off ass a person who thinks that PA school is easier. I know it is just as competitive to get into as medical school. I like the fact that it is a shorter length of training so that I can start being part of the work force earlier in my life and start a family too. Yeah PA don't go thru an official residency so there will be a lot of learning to do when thrown into an active practice but I feel like that is with any job/career. You are also getting paid more than a resident. I am a first generation student and I come from a working class family, my mom cleans houses
  4. My reasons were from online research and some experience shadowing a physician who had a great relationship with his PA so I I was able to see some of responsibilites that come with being a PA. But I plan on working in healthcare as well as shadowing PA's and maybe other health professions to really see what their careers are like. I will be gaining HCE as well and finding out if PA is the right choice for me. I appreciate the heads up about the "red flag" my medical school experience may come off as to AdComs. Out of curiosity, if you were to choose between PA or MD, would you choose PA
  5. Thank you for the reply! For me it's the life/work balance. The flexibility in work hours, less stress as compared to physicians. I want to be able to spend more time with family and friends. Also the ability to move to different specialties is very appealing as I do not know what specialty I would truly enjoy the most. I don't see PA as the easy way out I just see it as the better option for me.
  6. Hello everyone, I recently have decided to withdraw from medical school (MS1) in order to hopefully attend PA school in the future. The reason I made the decision was that I believe I was not pursuing medicine for the right reasons. Since I was little I said that I wanted to become a doctor which was supported and somewhat reinforced by my parents. They were so excited and proud of me and because of that I was fearful of disappointing them I never truly explored any other options and justified becoming a doctor because of the prestige and salary. I have always had doubts on whethe
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