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  1. I am a student and they split you into groups of 6 and you rotate with your group to different sessions. It's very laid back and everyone gets a chance or turn to talk. The only session you are alone without the group is the private interview.
  2. I am so excited to say I got accepted into Bethel PA class of 2020!!!!!! For those of you still on the waitlist don’t lose hope.
  3. What is the name of the professor for the online genetics course at South Carolina?
  4. I am on the waitlist as well. Does anyone know how many people are usually on the waitlist?
  5. What did your email say? Was it different from the one above?
  6. I got this email too. Does this mean we are on the waiting list or we have been rejected. I got the polite rejection vibe because it didn't say waitlist.
  7. Yap, me. No rejection, no interview, nothing......
  8. I was wondering about that too. If all the seats have been given?
  9. Congratulations!!!!! What are your stats if you don't mind sharing?
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