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  1. I just now got the email with ranking. Best of luck to everyone waiting. An amazing opportunity to interview, and even better to know that the dream of becoming a PA is possible and a reality for us!
  2. Received an interview invitation last night for 12/3! Looking forward to meeting any other applicants there on 12/3! What an incredible opportunity! Good luck to all those still waiting to hear, don’t give up hope!
  3. Also got an interview invite today. Interview set up for 8/28. Good luck to everyone, looking forward to meeting the other 8/28 applicants!
  4. @BrittanyJ95 @Paramedic2PA @dthum If any of you are in town the evening before and wanted to meet up, I would be happy to facilitate something!
  5. Awesome! Congratulations on your acceptance and good luck with the program, I'm sure you will be great!
  6. I will be flying in from WI/MN area! Do you have any suggestions outside of the packet information?
  7. I also received an invitation to interview in the afternoon session! I look forward to meeting you.
  8. @idau85. I also received an invitation to interview on 7/28! I look forward to meeting you there!
  9. @Axa2050 I thought the same thing, but my friend who hasn't heard interviewed the 8th and I interviewed the 22nd haha
  10. @123PA123 absolutely a challenge to be wondering about the outcome without any word or timeframe. I don't envy trying to determine who fills the spots either though, I'm sure it's a large and talented applicant pool with diverse choices. At least we are going crazy together and were given an opportunity to tell our story!
  11. @123PA123 Yes, there are still quite a few of us who haven't heard anything yet. I'm sure they will let us know as soon as they know!
  12. @karhorn @123PA123 From what I understand, they are waiting until after October 6th since it's the last interview.
  13. I found an airbnb pretty reasonably priced! And my interview got moved to the 22nd anyway. Good luck to you though! Thank for the insight :)
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