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  1. I have been in contact with the chair. He said he would contact me within the week. That was two weeks ago. Typical Manana attitude of the region.
  2. Well, at least you are not being ignored. If they are going to reject me, I'd like to know about it. Actually I took them off my wannabe list. I went to the information session at the beginning of the Summer and as I have written earlier, they refuse to answer any questions. What else are they hiding? I wonder. I think poor communication / evasiveness is a sign of lack of confidence, deviance, or lack of ability... in this case it may be all three.
  3. The Director said he would set up interviews soon .... whatever that means.
  4. Interesting that you wrote this. UT SW stated that they only accept 5 from out of state - PERIOD.
  5. Three down, Three to go - yesterday I was dumped form consideration. GOOD LUCK TO ALL.
  6. I M P O R T A N T U P D A T E !!!!! Following is my correspondence with the Grad School i.e., a reply to my application inquiry: Your application is being reviewed by the program. During this step the Program Director, Mr.Ambriz, is making decisions on who will move on to the next step of the application process, which is the formal interview. Please note that your application might be under review by the program for a while since interviews do not take place until January or February.
  7. I went to the information session last month and learned that there are some administrative things that will probably keep me out this year, but I can tell you these folks are extremely knowledgeable, helpful and professional. They leave their egos at the door, so if you get an interview, I suggest y9ou do the same. They are real people and very likeable.
  8. Congrats to all... I'm still being ignored... of course they did hint a few times that they didn't want "older" candidates during their information session.
  9. I've been meaning to update you all on this. I know in CASPA RGV states their deadline on September 1, but if you look at your application status it says October 1. I'm hoping not everything about them is this disorganized.
  10. Can anything good come from El Paso? Just joking... that's where I grew up and went to school.... GO Miners!!!!
  11. I went to the info session earlier this Summer and the presenter/faculty member would not answer questions on the format - but hinted it was more like a surprise, gotcha type scenario - BUT DEFINITELY NOT traditional
  12. I wrote them once and it took two weeks for them to respond ... not sure what to think about that.
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