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  1. Brand New never opened Medical Suture Pad Practice Combo Kit for Sale. (Your Design Medical KT201Suture Pad Practice Combo Kit (3-Layer Pocket Pad, Tools & 5x 4-0 Nylons) $40 OBO contact me if interested swvandem@indiana.edu
  2. I'm from the south side of Indy and have been looking at apartments and create a list of good ones if you want me to send you it!
  3. I am going to create a temporary facebook page for the class of 2020 so if you would like me to add you then message me your full name and I will add you to the group.
  4. Accepted my offer today! Has anyone created a facebook page yet?
  5. Does anyone know when we should expect hear back about acceptance?
  6. I interviewed 10/10 and they said within 2 weeks so hopefully by the 24th.
  7. Has anyone from the 10/6 interview heard back yet?
  8. Late to post but I will be interviewing Tuesday morning on the 17th. I am from Indianapolis so feel free to ask me questions or if you want to meet up for dinner!
  9. I received an interview invite as well! Interviewing 10/10/17, PM session.
  10. I received an interview for 10/6. Looking forward to it!
  11. Thought I would start this thread for the 2017-2018 cycle. Good luck everyone!
  12. According to the email they sent out, those dates are the only two interview days they are offering this year which makes me believe that they are the only interview dates. I also received an email today saying that they are hoping to have all interview invites sent out by Monday. Good luck everyone!
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