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  1. I'm curious, did they call anyone or did we just find out we were accepted via email?
  2. I got off work and had a voicemail acceptance! I am still in shock! Good luck to everyone ?
  3. I just received my acceptance call!!!!!!! Good luck to everyone!
  4. Does anyone know how long of a walk it is from the visitor lot to where we are interviewing? I am trying to gauge how early to be there tomorrow!
  5. So that probably means the rest of us won't hear until November, right? Congratulations to those who were accepted! Good luck!!!
  6. I received my interview earlier today (2:30pm) as well! I look forward to meeting everyone at the meet and greet on the 24th!
  7. I just received my email today to interview on the 15th! I got my under review email the 31st of may so there is some hope for those of you who applied earlier and haven't received an interview yet! Good luck everyone!!!
  8. Does anyone know if MUSC does a GPA adjustment? I have 3.73 in Genetics from Clemson and am wondering if that is too low to be considered.
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