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  1. Hey! I tried finding the page on Facebook but it doesn't show up :( Are you sure this is the official page?
  2. Got an interview invite a couple of days ago but declined since I've already gotten into my top choice! Hope my spot goes out to one of you guys!
  3. When I spoke with the admissions counselor, he let me know that they recalculate GPA's but to the applicants advantage! If you have retaken any classes, Western only counts the newest/highest grade so your GPA would be higher than what CASPA says because they dont average the two grades like CASPA does.
  4. Got the email on Friday as well!! So excited! One of us should make a Facebook group! Does anyone know if the deposit for our seats will eventually go towards our tuition? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I think you should weigh out a list of pros and cons. To counter EMTgonePA and play devils advocate, your loan payments may be the same amount but they will also be for a much longer period of time. Also, no matter where you go, you will have the opportunity to make an impression during your rotations and get your foot in the door - if you happen to really like one of your sites. So you don’t necessarily need usc to find a good job. OC’s job market may be competitive but honestly there’s a plethora of PA jobs out there, it just depends how picky you really are and where/how much you’re will
  6. Were you at the 10/5 interview?? Congratulations!!!!
  7. Hey guys! Has anyone that interviewed on Oct 5 hear back yet?? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. I wonder how so many people got September dates. I was only able to schedule one in January which seems a bit late. I hope it doesn't affect the decision making process!
  9. I didn't get the link / confirmation either and I submitted mine on the same day as you. Maybe we should call them after the holiday
  10. I was verified on CASPA on 7/20 and still haven't gotten the supplemental either. Hopefully we'll get it next week!
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