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  1. Hi! My program gave us iPads, so I currently use one to take notes. I have a keyboard attachment for it so I can type things as well as use the pencil. I've found that so professors move very quickly through the lectures and that there definitely isn't enough time to hand write everything with the pencil unfortunately. Something to keep in mind!
  2. Same thoughts through my head as well.
  3. Not sure how many people are on the waitlist, but I'd imagine there's large differences depending on the school. I personally was pulled off mid-January for a program starting in June. I was one of the first people to be pulled off, but ~30% of my current class was waitlisted first before being accepted!
  4. Hi Rosie! I'm a current student at Jefferson, and I was in a similar position last year. Feel free to PM me if you have any specific questions or anything
  5. I just started PA school this last May! I personally don't print out many outlines, but there are many people in my class who like to have their notes hand printed, they all have a printer at home. The only book I bought was PANCE Prep Pearls! It's been very useful for my clinical medicine classes. I also have a desk for studying. Ultimately, how you like to study / live will determine your needs
  6. Hi all! Congrats to those who have already been accepted to TJU’s Center City campus. This is the link to the FB page that we mentioned in the interview, feel free to request to join once being accepted! https://m.facebook.com/groups/330701227502216 Once again, congrats guys! If you are waitlisted or still waiting, be patient and don’t lose hope ? Many of us were accepted off of the waitlist
  7. Hi all! I'm a current student at Jefferson's center city campus. I just started a few weeks ago, but not long ago I was in your shoes! The program keeps me pretty busy, but I try to check back here when I can - feel free to message me if you have any questions about the program. Good luck!
  8. I used a bulleted format last cycle and was accepted! Just seemed less wordy to me
  9. I think it definitely depends on the school. However, I wouldn't be worried either way- the difference between your two GPAs are small, imo. My BCP was a 3.38 and my sGPA was a 3.68. I was accepted to multiple schools Good luck!
  10. How long did you give them to write it? When I applied, I made sure to give my recommenders at least a month and a half of notice. I would put off on going to their offices (especially the PA) and give them a bit more time. It's still very early in the application cycle so I don't think the time should make that much of a difference. You don't want to burn bridges or make them feel uncomfortable, especially since they're doing you a favor that involves writing about your character I do agree, though, that they should be communicating more. Stay patient! I know how frustrating it can be.
  11. Just gave up my seat for a different program! Hopefully someone is pulled off of the waitlist
  12. Just received an interview invite! I was already accepted into my top choice though, so I will not be attending. Hopefully someone else gets asked to attend!
  13. I will be a PA-S beginning this summer. Feel free to send it my way as well.
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