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  1. The thing is I would have to do all my prereqs here with the course load of my major on top of that. And, I would graduate still with little life experience, because I don't think I would have time to get experience and keep my gpa above a 3.5. I would still be going to receive a UC degree if I went to CC. I would have two year of upper division classes at Davis but two years at a CC where I could take prereqs(my cc offers most if not all needed prereqs. Its pretty good as far as CC's go). Likewise, I can only take around 12 units a semester(it would be 3 semesters cause I'm not getting in for
  2. The thing is, if I stay at UCLA my GPA will drop and I will not be able to get any patient experience because I will be too busy trying to keep my gpa in the acceptable range. I think most programs stop you if you are below a 3.0 or 3.3 in some cases. I'm curious how you got interviews? I am currently a south campus major trying to push my luck XD. I just took two finals in fact for summer session.
  3. After a while of revising my priorities and passions, I have lead myself to know that I want to become a PA. However, at this very moment I am in a pickle. I go to UCLA but do not want to continue here. I have my first year done (11 classes) with a good gpa at 3.75. However, this year almost killed me to get that not perfect gpa. Likewise, I have few hours working in the medical field and need to rack up some more hours. My next year if I continue at UCLA will load on more classes with no buffer, I am certain that my gpa will suffer and continue to fall do to the sheer amount of grade deflati
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