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  1. Hello potential BPU students, I wanted to give you a little advice as you get ready for the interview process. First off, we just finished up our semester and had our White Coat Ceremony. This is usually when the admission team starts to go through the applications and decide who to interview for the next incoming class. Give them some time, they personally read every part of all the applications - so this takes some time! Secondly, as a first year student that went through the process last session, I was excited and surprised when I met my classmates for the first time in June. What do I mean by that? BPU does not pick a 'cookie cutter' student. We are a very diverse group of people with varied backgrounds. The things we all have in common is our passion for medicine, a team approach to the process of learning and practicing, and a positive attitude regarding hard work. This program requires really hard work!! Seriously. ? If you get an interview, be yourself and relax. It's really that simple. They want to get to know you and determine if you'll fit well into the group dynamics they are building. Don't come in with generic and rehearsed answers to questions. Think about the questions they are asking and give honest and meaningful answers. If you've made the cut for the interview then you've already impressed them with your knowledge and background. The interview day is your chance to let them know the dynamic, inspiring, hardworking team player that you are! All this information is my personal opinion. I'm a first year student and not part the admission committee. I just wanted to wish you all luck and give a little advice from a retrospective view. I look forward to meeting some of you as members of the class of 2021! Now - I have to get back to studying... Chrysten
  2. I've accepted a spot at another program. This will open a spot for someone on the waitlist. Please don't loose hope if you're still waiting. Lots can still happen between now and matriculation. Good luck everyone!
  3. Congrats!! We have a Facebook page set up for our group. Be sure to connect with us.
  4. I received the acceptance call today as well. Unbelievable amounts of gratitude are flowing at my house tonight. Good luck to all. It was an amazing group of candidates in attendance on Sunday!
  5. The best advice I can give for this question is to call the school directly and ask them. I have dealt with the staff at MCPHS-Worcester and they are very friendly and very helpful.
  6. I'm local and will be driving to the interview. If you're flying in on 10/23, your interview time must be later in the day. My scheduled start is 8:00am. Good Luck! Perhaps we will meet in the cross over of interview slots.
  7. Is there anyone else on the chat board that will be at the Oct 23rd interview?
  8. I just received my interview invite by email today, so they are still going through applications. Don't lose hope!
  9. jmtam, did you download a copy of your application that was sent NEU and check the formatting of the additional essay? That's when I noticed that the formatting was changed in my application. -Chrysten
  10. Did anyone else have problems with formatting for the additional essays? No matter which format or browser I used to move the essay into the prompt box, it removed the paragraph spacing and merged the entire essay into one large paragraph. I emailed CASPA twice regarding the issue - they haven't responded yet.
  11. My application is in and verified from CASPA. No email from MCPHS yet. Good luck everyone!
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