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  1. anyone know how many interview dates are remaining? I applied last year and was offered an interview and was on the waitlist, applied again this year, but haven't heard anything back? I know that applications get tougher every year and I have improved myself in terms of experience and more quality hours out on the field, but it's been a bit of a bummer not hearing anything back at all this time around.
  2. I guess you guys can email or call them? I mean they did mention that they would let you know in about 2 weeks time. Perhaps there might be some information that they can provide which might provide some clarification for the delay?
  3. I think because they had an interview yesterday, they will probably get back to you guys by today or wed/thurs. At least that's what I think/ my opinion. Hope you guys all get in ?
  4. All the best! Do you happen to know how many have taken place so far? My assumption based on the comments is that first one took place last week.
  5. @mvatican @ARMANDO411468 For what interview date are you guys scheduled for? I'm trying to figure out how many interviews they are doing this month. I believe the first round was on June 25th.
  6. right?!? it makes no sense i am in the same boat. Plus compared to last year i have more patient care experience and other non PCE experience. I feel like our scores on the interview from last year has had some sort of decision input this year. Given it was my first ever interview of that style, I wasn't exceptionally stellar but it's been a year and i have worked a lot on improving myself. It's beyond me how this makes sense.
  7. May 29 applied CASPA, CASPA verified, may 29, acknowledged by USJ may 29, status updated june 1. quick turnaround right now
  8. same here. Ironic part was i was offered an interview last year without getting waitlisted. This year i have more direct PCE experience than last year. Mindboggled. #whatislife
  9. Where? the previous posts i see is one from may 20 and then one above that is from 2017. Can you provide link to where you are seeing the newer posts?
  10. Anyone have applied to this year's application cycle yet and heard anything back?
  11. This school does not offer anatomy lab with cadavers. They use something called if i recall correctly "anatomage" or something along those lines. Pretty much a virtual dissection equipment they have that you can use in class.
  12. Congrats, still on the waitlist myself.. idk how much hope is left for this cycle now.
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