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  1. klb23

    NSU- Muskogee 2018-2019

    got an interview invite but gave it up bc ive already accepted at another school. Hopefully that helps someone out!
  2. got my interview invite scheduled for 1/7! im from out of state, last name with a B
  3. got my acceptance today:) can't wait to meet my future class!!
  4. just received an invitation to interview
  5. has anyone gotten a rejection from the 8/8 interview?
  6. just received an email for an invitation to interview
  7. Just received an interview for 10/1 afternoon!
  8. Just got invited to interview 8/8
  9. I just got contacted for an interview in December as well!:)
  10. received the preliminary evaluation email 8/11
  11. received the under review email this morning: 8/10 caspa verified: 7/18
  12. caspa submitted: July 15 caspa verified: July 18 eraider: July 28

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