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  1. I think I applied to Case in late July. They look at everyone as long as it's submitted before the deadline. I think I got my interview invite in September around this time last year.
  2. Hi! congrats on getting an interview!! I wanted to get an earlier interview as well. From what I recall, we had to send an email to accept the interview invitation (email of the person was in the interview invitation email from what I recall). Some time after accepting, I simply sent another email saying that I was available if any of the earlier spots opened up, and sure enough a spot was open. Spots open up as people cancel their interviews because they got into another school, schedule conflicts, etc. Not a guarantee there will be spots available, but if you want an earlier interview, it wouldn't hurt to let them know. Good luck.
  3. HI!!! HAHA. Also a 1st year at Case. Please feel free to reach out to me as well because having multiple points of view never hurts. Good luck to all!!
  4. I received an email asking if I wanted to stay on the waitlist on March 1st. I received a phone call from Dr. Rebman on March 6th telling me I was accepted. I received the email the next day and had 3 days to decide...And I used all 3 days to think about it. It was a tough decision.
  5. I received an acceptance offer off the alternate list 3 days ago. I have decided to not accept the seat as I have already accepted a seat elsewhere. This was a challenging decision, but I feel that the other program is a better fit for me. Good luck to everyone who has already been accepted and hopefully my seat will be given to someone who wants to go to IU!!!
  6. I received my rejection email on 12-18. Good luck to all that are still in the hunt.
  7. I just spoke with the Admissions' office and they said that they are still reviewing my application. I also asked when their last interview will be and she said that their last interview date will be in February, and this is the norm for their program every year. She couldn't remember the exact date off the top of her head, but looks like they're still reviewing applications. So no clue with the last session will be, but it must be nearing the end if they are already adding people to the interview wait list.
  8. I haven't heard from them since August after that said my application is on hold for further review. No rejection, interview, or waitlist at this point. Should I contact the program and ask for update?
  9. Did they confirm that they are only interviewing through January? I spoke with the admission's office to give an update on my application and they said they were interviewing through February. This was a month and a half ago, but I wasn't sure if they changed their plans.
  10. Thank you both!! can I please be invited to the Facebook group for the class?!
  11. I received my acceptance call from Dr. Shafran yesterday morning!!! I am super excited for the opportunity and I look forward to meeting my future classmates!! I’m going to be a PA!! I’m still in shock!!
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