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  1. I don’t believe they get answer right away, after the site visit. Honestly it’s prob best they wait until accreditation- provisional to give out acceptance that way it isn’t conditional! good luck everyone
  2. @kkim916 Hey yea, I would say stay somewhere on Poydras closer to the superdome, that way you can avoid doing a car rental and just uber from there! I am from new Orleans and there are not any hotels near the university I know of however an uber from downtown to Xaiver isnt more than 15 mins without traffic.
  3. I interviewed August 23 ! And I received my acceptance letter email ! I almost missed it but I saw this forum ! I’m so excited to meet everyone and begin this journey ! Good luck !
  4. Hello I also received an invite to interview ! So excited ! I submitted 06/24 and was verified 06/27
  5. Hey everyone I submitted June 24 and was verified June 27. I just received the email they are reviewing applications if this helps anyone !
  6. Anyone heard anything yet ? Maybe not until after the application deadline ?
  7. Hello! I recently submitted and received the same email ! I am hopeful we will get interviews as I am a re applicant as well . Good Luck !
  8. I don't see anything happening until summer or end of summer. However good luck to everyone in this cycle !
  9. Hey I received a supplement application link today as well, so I've assumed they are starting to review applications.
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