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  1. I’m sorry I’m just seeing this now. You’re correct- I did get in this year. I was #26 last year.
  2. I was in the same position last cycle. On january 25 of last year, I got the email with my official place # on the waitlist. So you should be hearing soon!
  3. I’m sure others have done it...but I would say 7PM is cutting it close. Traffic is heavy at that time of day heading back towards the area. (I live in Raleigh, so I drove back through afterwards!) Good luck to you! I really enjoyed the interview process at Duke and met some great people!
  4. I received my acceptance email yesterday, as well! What a journey it has been. Last year, I interviewed at the end of the cycle, and was waitlisted. I do know how many of you feel! To those of you who are discouraged and don’t have other interviews lined up- it’s natural to feel that way. But don’t let what you can’t control at this point consume you. Trust me- if you allow it to, it makes for a long several months. Like a previous poster mentioned- don’t be too daunted by the idea of the wait list. Last year, Duke offered applicants on the wait list seats all throughout the interv
  5. Same here. You all are a group of legitimately cool (and smart AND qualified) people. I really enjoyed spending time with you! Thanks for making it a memorable day!
  6. Guys- it’s crunch time. Things are getting serious before the interview tomorrow— I just got my eyebrows done today.
  7. For those of you interviewing tomorrow- where is everyone from out of town staying tonight?
  8. I know I said this to someone else, but I want to reiterate it. Hopefully it will ease your mind a bit. I got my interview invitation November 6th last year, and I wasn’t even in the last group invited! Time is still your friend.
  9. My CASPA was verified 5/8, and I submitted my supplemental on 7/31.
  10. Got an interview invitation today for 10/3!!!
  11. I just want to wish the best to everyone who is interviewing tomorrow. You guys don’t need luck- because your hard work is what got you to this point. My best advice is to breathe deeply, take in your surroundings, and find a few good people to connect with and talk to throughout the day. Just a few minutes with a familiar face to ‘ground yourself’ makes a huge difference. I’d like to share something personal, just to let you know that you can handle whatever comes your way. In the middle of the night before my interview, my 14-year-old dog had a stroke. I left to come to my i
  12. To anyone who didn’t receive an interview invite yet, stay calm! (Or as calm as you can!) I didn’t receive my interview invite last year until NOVEMBER 6...and I wasn’t even in the last group of interviews.
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