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  1. There is no advantage to submitting your application right now since it is non rolling admissions. Rose is correct-wait until December or January.
  2. I am willing to help out anyone that has questions about their application! I got accepted after applying 3x so, I finally figured out what EVMS is looking for..lol Anyone interested, message me.
  3. I got an email too!!! Didn’t think I would because I already accepted and paid through the link.
  4. One thing that I have come to realize is that everyone has to make sure that you are actually logged into your pURL to have 100% access to everything. You can do that by going to: go.evms.edu/yourname/admissions Then it will prompt you to log in, and if you never logged in, click on forgot password & go from there. I hope this helps..
  5. I would give it some time... and keep an eye on it to see if it updates next week.
  6. Haha. The glitch thought crossed my mind since it happened to me earlier this year. I called EVMS to make sure. They confirmed, those of us that are accepted, truly are!
  7. I've been Accepted as well. It's been a long time coming! (I am a 3x re-applicant) I am so grateful to have gone through this journey and become a future PA! I love EVMS! Best wishes to those still waiting to hear back. Don't ever, ever give up. I look forward to meeting my future classmates in January!
  8. I was! I made sure to get my questions asked before the session was over.
  9. I just checked mine. I have the same issue. It’s probably a glitch in the system. No point in reaching out to them. You wouldn’t have gotten an interview if you didn’t have all of your requirements met.
  10. Waves are definitely sent out in a point-based system. I’m a reapplicant. Anywho, best wishes to everyone. Hope to see some of you at today’s meet and greet!
  11. @DanielleYoung We are interviewing the same time. Maybe I’ll see you at the meet & greet!
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