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  1. Does anyone know exactly which Social science prerequisite classes qualify where it says: “Group Process & Social Problems?” I contacted admissions and they said they couldn’t evaluate my transcripts for me which is not what I was seeking. My question is very general.. at least I think so I just want to know what kind of classes fall under those categories? My guess is Psychology and Sociology but I find the way that it worded to be vague.
  2. You would be applying for class of 2023 which starts January 2021. They are not rolling admissions. All applications are treated as if they were turned in March 1.
  3. Omg that picture just made my whole day. Lol! I dont think everyone that hasn’t heard yet is on the waitlist. Denials don’t seem to have gone out yet. It was approximately 173 or so that interviewed.
  4. We’re still waiting to find out since it hasn’t been 10 days yet for those that have received initial acceptances...
  5. The website says that all classes must be at least 3 semester credits... that is generally the amount of credits for just the course without the lab. However, most people take labs for the science courses.
  6. I’m in Orlando on vacation with family so it keeps me busy but I still check my phone 100x a day.
  7. Yeah maybe tomorrow or technically until this friday... the 2 week mark. Insert sad face.
  8. Didn’t someone say they got an acceptance as late as 7pm before or did I read that wrong?
  9. Nope, nothing here. Everytime I get a notification from the forum, I think it’s EVMS!
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