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  1. Congrats everyone that has received an invite so far! What month will it be? June? I just received an email that they received my supplemental fee. Praying for an invite as well.
  2. 3-4 weeks from when CASPA opened..which is right around the corner or 3-4 weeks from now which would be mid June...? Since we were given that mid June date earlier in this forum, I just wanted to clarify. Any insight you have helps. Thanks!
  3. I wonder why they call some but email others saying the application is under review..?
  4. Every time I get an email notification from this forum, I’m like is it actually Yale or the forum lol. My eyes are playing tricks on me.
  5. I think this is Yale’s first year using CASPA so I guess they are waiting until Casper results come in before reaching out to us all. Last year it seems like they contacted applicants before results came in for interviews and asked them to take the Casper but now they can see our online applications and when we are scheduled or were scheduled to take it.
  6. I would say you’re fine then. Still 3 weeks until the June 1 deadline. Just keep a close eye on them.
  7. That email was in regards to applicants that didn’t meet admissions requirements.
  8. What deadline date did you give those writing your letter? I gave mine one week! LOL. (They had a heads up before)
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