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  1. I agree with what everyone else has said. Also-reach out to the schools to see if they will give you personalized feedback on your interview. If they won't/don't, study up on PA school interviewing.
  2. PAs have more flexibility since they don't have to specialize and less schooling. There is also more of a work/life balance as a PA in my opinion.
  3. Some schools consider the Graduate GPA instead of the cGPA which would benefit you. I am not sure of which schools exactly off of the top of my head except EVMS. However, like previously mentioned, scribing is not seen as PCE in some schools. All in all, do some research to find out which schools are best for you. Your UG GPAs would take a while to raise to a 3.0.
  4. If I were you, I would focus on programs that look at the last 40-60 credits. You said what your last 60 credit GPA was, what about your last 40? Look at schools like EVMS that does a replacement GPA and uses your last 40 GPA instead of your cumulative. If you aim for schools like that, you have a much better shot! I wouldn't do the MPH if PA is what your heart is truly set on.
  5. They use prerequisite gpa AND one of the following: last 40 credits, undergraduate, or graduate. So if your undergraduate isn’t competitive, you can instead use your last 40 credits or graduate gpa if applicable.
  6. Correct. The better of the last 40 credits GPA, undergrad GPA or graduate GPA.
  7. Where’s everyone from? I grew up in Hampton Roads (Chesapeake and Va Beach) but now I live in Northern VA near DC.
  8. Depends when you applied and how busy the adcom is. I applied in January and received the completed status email within the next day or two.
  9. Yeah it really is. Just try to keep yourself busy. Netflix has been helpful. I’ve also started interview prepping in hopes I get one...
  10. Wow! Awesome improvement @patobe82 I didn’t realize that prerequisite grades can be updated? I thought everything that was sent in by March 1 was final? I had two Bs in my prerequisites last cycle and the rest were As. I was told one B or none is ideal. @medic1210 I’m not sure about the prereqs weighing more but I hope that’s true! Don’t beat yourself up too bad about your last 40. If you happen to have to reapply, just take another class or two to knock that F out of the last 40 and it will be out of your life forever! Fingers crossed! Wishing everyone the best!
  11. @dp1391 Good luck on your Casper exam. Did you get any feedback as to why you were waitlisted? Also, what were your stats last cycle? And this cycle?
  12. You should receive an email that shows all requirements that were met including the Casper test.
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