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  1. Yes there is one. Did you complete all of the prerequisites? You won’t be able to submit the supplemental without completing them and having the final grades. You should be able to access it from CASPA.
  2. Hello, Did you mean the 2018/2019 cycle that matriculates in Jan 2020 or are you going through the early acceptance program they have? What date is your interview on? I would look through the previous years' forums to get an idea of what to expect.I am interviewing July 12. From what I hear, just be yourself! Know why you want to be a PA, what a PA is, and study up on EVMS are a few things!
  3. Yep! What @patobe82 said. 3rd wave will probably go out tomorrow since last wave was late Friday.
  4. Is your end goal still PA or are you leaning towards Med School with the Medical Masters?
  5. Hang in there guys. Every time I get a notification, I think the second wave has gone out! They are probably going to make everyone wait until the end of the day like they did Monday
  6. Exact same scenario for me. From no interview to wave 1. Anything is possible!
  7. To those that have not heard back yet, do not get discouraged. I know how it feels because I was in the exact same position last year waiting and stressing and worrying. There will be more waves of invites going out probably Friday and then again next week. Trust the process! We are all going to be amazing PAs someday.
  8. In-state. From Va Beach/Chesapeake but currently live in Northern VA near DC.
  9. Prereq GPA: 4.0, Last 40 credits: 3.7, PCE: about 9K hours, volunteer: 500 hours 2nd time applicant Interviewing Friday July 12 7:45am.
  10. Last year I do remember them going out right around this time...the 4 o'clock hour.
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