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  1. Recieved an interview invite yesterday, but will be turning it down (got into my #1 choice!) hope this helps someone else!
  2. Awesome, thanks! I plan on accepting my seat. Looking forward to meeting you all!
  3. I believe I recieved the call on a Wednesday and got the letter in the mail on Monday! I also live in Michigan though, so it took a little longer!
  4. I submitted everything beginning of July & recieved an interview invite beginning of September!
  5. Interviewing on November 17th at RFU, super excited! Overall GPA 3.81, Science GPA of 3.69, GRE > 300 and 4 writing. Over 2,000 hours experience as CNA in long term care and locked dementia units, wih leadership position/experience, and about 1,200 hours experience as an ER tech at a level one trauma center. Volunteer as a girls vball coach and human cadaver lab tutor, also human cadaver lab TA! Good luck everyone! Fingers crossed!
  6. Also applied to this program! First time applicant, 3.69 Science GPA, 3.81 overall GPA. GRE >300, 4 writing Over 2,000 hours as a CNA in long term care and locked dementia units, with leadership experience. About 1,200 hours of experience as an ER tech at a level one trauma center, trauma team trained volunteer experience as a tutor and paid TA experience! Good of luck to everyone! :)
  7. Also just recieved an invite for an interview on October 19th! Via email
  8. I also was just accepted to the program at Shenandoah! Also curious about housing, since I am from out of state!
  9. I haven’t heard anything about a Facebook group yet
  10. Also got a call this morning and have been accepted!! Super excited!
  11. Grand Valley sends out interview invites after mid-October. Last year I heard back from them October 18th! Hope this helps set everyone's timeline!
  12. My application was verified as complete and forwarded for further review on July 5th- I received the interview invite this morning (7/28). Just for anyone wondering about the timeline!
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