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  1. Hello, I would love to complete an elective rotation with an Interventional Radiology PA/NP/MD, anywhere in Kentucky or in Indianapolis! Please let me know if anyone in this forum is in this speciality, and would be willing to take a student, or if you know of someone for me to reach out to? Thank you so much in advance!
  2. Hello everyone, I will be starting clinical rotations this July and am looking for rotation sites in Indianapolis for my electives, April through June, 2021. As I have not yet started rotations I am not sure what my "niche" is yet but am currently interested in family medicine, ER, and urgent care! Send any and all recommendations my way. Thank you!!
  3. Hi Chandler, I am currently attending UK's PA school (2nd year, didactic) and noticed on your link that Dr. Black was featured and realized you went to UK! I would love to receive any advice you may have for me as I am about to go on rotations! Thank you!
  4. I received a call and was offered a seat about a week after my interview in July. However, I was accepted to another program that was closer to home and financially a better decision for me. I hope this gives opportunity for someone else! Good luck everyone!!
  5. Just received an acceptance email from UK! Check your e-mails everybody!!!! AHH I am so ecstatic!
  6. I interviewed at the Morehead campus Friday, August 3rd, and Julia Berry told us that we would know their final decision by the end of the following week, which would have been last Friday and I still haven't received anything so I'm really not sure.. This Friday will be 2 weeks. This waiting game is brutal!
  7. Congratulations!! I received my follow up email, with date and time, 1 minute after I received the invitation!
  8. Hi everyone! Would those of you who have completed MMI style interviews please share your experience? Any advice or preparation recommendations would be greatly appreciated! I have been watching YouTube videos of scenarios and have, of course, printed off a long list of MMI examples and have been practicing with those! Thank you!!
  9. Just received an invitation to the July 23-24th interview! So excited to see you all there! Best of luck! ?
  10. Has anyone received interview invitations? ?
  11. Would those of you who have received interview invitations care to share when you submitted your supplementary applications and when you received interview invitation? ? And of course, congratulations and GOOD LUCK!!
  12. Wanted to start a thread of this cycle! Good luck everyone!?
  13. I did not see a thread for this PA program and figured I would start one! Does anyone know anything about Franklin's PA program, currently attending Franklin for PA, or currently applying?
  14. First of all, congrats on the interviews! I am sure you will do great. Can I ask which courses you took, as far as pre-reqs?
  15. Hi all, I just wanted to know if anyone has gotten into PA school, or are going to apply, that have not been the traditional Biology, Chemistry, Bio-Chem, etc. science majors? I am a Psychology major, but was previously a Biology major. I have finished all of the pre-reqs for most PA schools and some of the "recommended but not required" courses. I am just afraid that the committee will doubt my academic readiness to take on PA school. Does anyone have any experience in this? Thank you!
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