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  1. You have good grades and hours, the score most likely wont be the factor the would KEEP you from getting in if there is one, but since you have the time to study a bit more and get over that 300 mark, why not? I say do everything you can to look your best. Unless you studied as much as you could and couldn't break 300, give it another try, youre close! Magoosh worked great for me a few years back! Good luck!
  2. Hi! I’m a current 1st year and we were just told our rotation sites a few weeks ago. For us 26 students are staying in Phoenix and the other sites include Yuma, SLO, 3 suburbs of Fresno, TX, LA, GA and OK. Between 3-5 students go to each of the other sites. Since these sites have been used for many years the class above you can be helpful to find housing. There is also free housing at the LA location and subsidized housing in SLO. I’ve heard good things about the Phoenix sites and each of the CHCs have something different to offer. If you have any other questions let me know, good luck!
  3. I currently drive 35-40 minutes to school so I can live for free with my parents. I haven't seen it as an issue at all (I know its a bit shorter). On non exam weeks its nice "me time" and when i have exam weeks I listen to podcasts or lecture recordings! Also factor in any help your husband would be able to provide (dinner, shopping, laundry, etc). At the end of the day I get annoyed by the drive at times, but its well worth it.
  4. Kaylee272

    Letters of Rec

    Whoever will write you the best and most personal letters! You don't want an average/generic letter!
  5. I'd say any volunteer work is great, a soup kitchen would be perfect! The program I was accepted to definitely values non volunteer work as I'm sure many programs do. If you are looking for a medical experience look into a clinics for the uninsured. If you are living in a medically underserved community I'd assume that there would be a few clinics like this (but I only know Arizona so I could be wrong)
  6. Based on this I would say you should be sure to have at least one PA write you a letter of rec and get some shadowing hours! Without shadowing the adcoms may question if you can be sure that you want to be a PA. You know that you did all of those things at work, but the adcoms don't (other than quick caspa descriptions) Additionally, who better to write a LOR and say you would make a great PA than a current PA who knows the profession and you! Many schools make this a requirement. Volunteering can also go a long way. I know many programs who are committed to serving underprivileged communities and look for people who also have this goal. Best of luck to you!
  7. Your stats look great, very similar to mine and I am 22 as well! I was accepted this cycle so I don't see your stats being whats holding you back. I would focus on the GRE, applying to a few more schools, applying early and making sure your personal statement and LORs are amazing! Sounds like you have set yourself up for some better news this time around! Good luck :) ps Andrew rodican's book on the PA school interview was extremely helpful for me! I had 3 interviews and almost every question I was asked was in that book!
  8. ^^^ my life. I went PRN at my job so I can have some money but have time to focus on me, my friends and family and traveling! The months have surely been dragging though!
  9. The only reason I would retake Cs is if they are in pre req classes! Some schools require a B- or higher in prereqs!
  10. There are different ways to approach something like this but I would say retake the classes you got Fs in and boost your cGPA above a 3.0. Then, apply to schools with a focus on the last 60 units and get a high GRE score to prove you will be able to succeed in PA school. I think it will be your personal statement and LORs that make the difference (as they do for everyone). What makes you the right fit for the program over another person with similar stats? You have great stats otherwise. Make yourself stand out; explain (but do not make excuses) for the poor grades, show you have grown and deserve to be accepted! You can do it!
  11. If you are working in a hospital or clinic pay close attention to the cultural, social, economic and religious differences in your patients and how they impact the way you use medicine! Examples for me have been with low income families, indian health services and the medicine man, different religions such has Jehovah's witnesses, catholic, and others. This may be very different for where you live! I don't come from a typically "diverse" background, but I was able to show my diversity through the communities I have volunteered and worked with!
  12. Kaylee272

    LORs from PAs

    The importance comes in the quality not quantitiy! If you are sure that both PAs will write you amazing letters then absolutely do it! And I agree that some schools value a medical/clinical over professors, but look VERY closely at the requirements! My school requires a science professor's recommendation!! Best of luck :)
  13. What will make your intentions clear is your personal statement and the answers you give in your interviews. First, be sure your PS shows you want to be a PA and not just any type of medical provider. Next, you will likely be asked why you want to a PA over an MD or NP in an interview. Telling an adcom you have shadowed both and like PA for whatever reasons will assure them of your motives.
  14. Try to find a PA that works in a private practice that will let you shadow! They are often more lenient, so you can shadow long term and build a connection with the PA before asking for a LOR! HanSolo is right, try to shadow as much as possible and in many settings. I have seen some schools who value shadowing more than others, recommending up to 100 hours. Be sure to shadow in the areas you think you're interested in to be sure the role is a good fit! All of the interviews I went to had a financial aid presentation with a financial aid rep that is able to answer any questions you may have throughout the process!
  15. I took an online medical terminology course at University of Arizona online! It was 3 credits and self paced over the semester (super easy!!) Im not sure how it works when you aren't enrolled in a bacc program but it was great!
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