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  1. One practical thing you could do is find a CMI (certified medical interpreter) and shadow them in a clinical setting. The best would be one that works at a larger hospital. Here is the registry of current CMIs: Universidad de Guanajuato in Mexico has an immersion program, if you have the luxury of going to Mexico for a month, and you would stay with a host family while taking classes. I've personally seen medical providers come back quite fluent after that. Watching dubbed movies that you know well could help too. Buena Suerte.
  2. I got accepted to a school on probation as well. They clarified it wasn't academic at all and were very transparent about what they are doing to rectify the situation. It is a longstanding program so I felt fine accepting.
  3. 1)Save $1000 quick for a beginners emergency fund. 2)Get out of debt (credit cards, school loans, cars, etc) 3) Save 6mo of income for emergency 4) Invest in mutual funds/ROTH IRA/ 401k/403B and put away 15% for kid's college 5) Pay off the mortgage 6) Enjoy life and GIVE GENEROUSLY.
  4. I believe there have been weekly interviews since Sept 11th with 30ish people each week. I think their goal is to interview around 300 and accept close to 90. No telling how many people have been accepted yet. The only way to find out would be to call and ask them directly. I'm not sure if they would release that information. That's my best guess. NEW PAGE!
  5. There have been weekly interviews since Sept 11th. I think their goal is to accept close to 90. No telling how many people have been accepted yet..
  6. If by professional you mean taking a straight on selfie with a suit top and gym shorts with a white background and then sending it to Walgreens for .50 cents for wallet size print?.... Yes.
  7. The picture is for them to jog their memory on what an awesome candidate you were so they can say..."OH YEAH...ACCEPT IMMEDIATELY."
  8. You do you. Everyone's path to get to PA school or the interview is different. I seriously doubt they would question your work ethic for taking less classes.
  9. I just got an acceptance! So excited! interviewed 10/2!
  10. Pace yourself. I have worked 40 hrs a week while taking 2 prerequisites a semester. I, like you, wanted to get out there "sooner rather than later." But waiting an extra year to finish will only make you more mature, give you more HCE, more time to save $,etc. If you think you can honestly pull it off...go for it. But as mentioned above, the prerequisites aren't just about finishing and getting a's about comprehension in order to prepare you for the subject matter of PA school. Good luck in whatever you choose.
  11. I had an interview and school/family balance came up. It is a sacrifice, but it is also an investment.
  12. It can be frustrating to see cheaters "succeed." It's the same feeling you have when you studied hard and got a B on an exam and know the other person got an A with cheating. This happens not only in academics but in the corporate world as well. People cutting corners or cheating to move up the ladder. Ultimately you cannot compare yourself to anyone else. Focus on doing things with INTEGRITY. If your "friend" get in and you don't you can do one of two things: 1) Pout that the world isn't fair. 2) Realize cheaters are part of this world, but they don't change how you go about your business with integrity. At the end of the day you can sleep at night and people who cut corners might "get in" but they won't last if they keep up that way. Bottom line: Run your race. Run hard. Work hard. Do it with integrity. Don't look over to who is ahead of you or behind you in the lanes next to you. Good Luck!
  13. Sounds like you are on the right track and being very proactive about improving your chances in the areas that are in your control: getting A's, volunteering, working, etc. The great thing about the PA application process is it is very HOLISTIC. That is why it is not JUST the GPA, but also all the other things that you are actively working on. Hopefully you can get a few more A's to curve your cumulative/science closer to 3.0 or a bit above. If the rest of your application is glowing than you might get a chance. Something I have told myself and I will share with you as well... "Character is proven in adversity" You've proven that...keep grinding. Good luck!
  14. The first interview day was Sept 11. New invitations were sent out Sept 12. If they keep the same pattern, my assumption would be since the next interview day is Oct 2 then the invite emails would be sent out Oct 3... JUST A GUESS!
  15. What is "older" in your case?