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  1. majetito

    Student loan debt

    There's always money in the banana stand!
  2. majetito

    Student loan debt

    Was given Dave Ramsey's book back in 2006. Almost done with baby step 6...but because of his baby steps have saved up money for PA school. Haven't been in debt for almost 10 years and don't plan to start.
  3. Happy CASPA day! As a new thread probably is made above this one for 2018-2019, perhaps many of you will look back at this thread in hopes of getting some tips, information about the timing, the process, etc. Baylor is amazing and it is worth the effort. This past year there were close to 1700 applicants and only 40 people got accepted (2% acceptance). Don't waste your time applying to Baylor, until you have carefully read over their prerequisites, fine print, etc. They mean every word. Here is that link: https://media.bcm.edu/documents/2018/1b/self-appraisal-checklist-03.27.18.pdf * There is a minimum GPA, science GPA. Don't apply if you don't meet it. (3.2, 3.2) * There is a minimum GRE. Don'y apply if you don't meet it.(153 V, 144 Q, 3.5 AW) * Retake that English Comp class if it's been over 10 years. Retake that Anatomy class if it's been more than 7 years. * Not rolling admissions. Focus all your attention on the other schools that are rolling first if you are applying to many. Baylor takes their time and you won't get interview invites until December. Meet their deadline (Sept 1) but don't rush through their supplemental application that includes several essay questions. * Interviews take place over three days in January. 60 people in each group: A,B,C. Just because you are in A doesn't mean you were more competitive than people in C. * They let you know one week later if you get in, are waitlisted, or better luck next time. Deposit is $300. * If you got accepted elsewhere, let's say UTMB....and Baylor gives you a call...don't decline UTMB right away. Wait until Baylor has cleared your prerequisite check. background check, vaccination check, etc. Trust me! Good Luck! Enjoy the ride!
  4. The HR department didn't ask me what I thought either during the mandatory training... My guess is they try to lump that under "accountability" : apply expertise and commit to the highest level of patient care and accept responsibility for the result.
  5. Everything is about the "PATIENT EXPERIENCE" these days. At the hospital I work at the priority of service excellence standards are: 1- Safety 2- Courtesy 3- Accountability 4- Efficiency 5- Innovation (I'm not saying I agree with the order) But in the example of above with the thoracentesis, your friend was great at #4 but not so much #2 in the eyes of the patient. Not defending the patient's comments, but it is just the world we live in these days...patient experience seems to trump everything.
  6. majetito

    Children and PA School

    It's never the "perfect time" to go to PA school when you have children. It's a SACRIFICIAL INVESTMENT FOR A SEASON. The most important thing is having a strong support system, whether it's a spouse, parents, friends, classmates, church, etc that can encourage you and help you achieve your goal. Don't try to do this "solo."
  7. majetito

    Tips for High School Student

    You are in high school and are mature beyond your years! Seeking wisdom and being teachable is a missing ingredient with many people your age. I have no doubt you will be on the right track. When I was your age I was more concerned about beating all my challengers on the Street Fighter 2 arcade game.
  8. To answer your question, I would just take the prerequisites needed for whatever school you are applying to and make sure you fulfill their minimum GPA. Some are 3.0 and others 3.2. Work your hardest to get A's in the classes you have left. Keep in mind GPA is only ONE piece of the pie of the application process. Most schools are very HOLISTIC in their review. Even though your GPA might not blow someone away you can become a well rounded competitive applicant by having an excellent essay, letters of recommendation, volunteering, GRE, shadowing, quality patient care hours, etc. Since it is so holistic, someone could have a 4.0 and not get an interview while someone with a 3.2 gets invited if they are strong in other areas. Good luck!
  9. I think I remember seeing somewhere that the current PA-S1's create the facebook page for us and personally invite the 40. Feel free to direct message me and we can at least get to know each other until then!
  10. I worked as a 1099 employee for over 5 years. Make sure you set up a SEP pension plan if your employer is not setting up anything for you.
  11. IN GENERAL arriving is easier than staying... Arriving to marriage is easy...staying married is hard. Arriving to the mission field is easy...staying committed as a missionary long term is hard. Arriving to the point of having children is easy...staying as a faithful and committed parent in raising them is hard. Arriving to a PA job is easier..compared to staying employed and fulfilled. The original question was for a PA not a pre PA.
  12. 1) What led you to become a PA? Why not MD/NP/DO? (This will bring clarity to you on the differences if you don't know already) 2) Why have you chosen to STAY working as a PA? (Arriving is easy. Staying is another thing.) 3) What are the most rewarding/challenging aspects of your job? (see if the profession aligns with your strengths/weaknesses) 4) If you could do it over, would you do anything different? (financial decisions, career decisions, personal, etc.) 5) What does success look like to you in the PA career? (success is determined by what you value. Money? Respect? Autonomy? Helping others? Etc.) Just some ideas...You could also browse this forum for a long time and get a TON of info on the profession. As well as Youtube channels, etc. Good luck!
  13. "If it was easy, everyone would be doing it."
  14. Bible & Theology
  15. I've heard of people rejecting their waitlist position but not acceptance. I think there will be a better sense of how things stand after February 5th, which is the deadline to say "yay/nay" on acceptances.

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