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  1. I have nothing really to say except to congratulate all of you. Whether you got accepted today, waitlisted, or even maybe you didn't get an interview...all of you have worked extremely hard to be where you are today and will make great PAs one day! Every experience, whether good or bad, is preparing you for great things in the future! I still remember where I was when I got the phone call and cried tears of joy as I reflected on all the hard work it took to get to that point. Now I am only two weeks away from graduation! Baylor is a special place and I wish you all the best! - PA-S3
  2. Such an exciting time!! Congrats and best of luck to you all! -Current BCM PA-S3
  3. Congrats to everyone accepted! We look forward to having you amongst the Baylor Family! - Current PA-S2
  4. Best of luck to everyone interviewing at Baylor this week. Regardless of the outcome you all should feel proud of all the hard work you have put in to get to this point. You DESERVE to be where you are. Of the thousands of applicants to the 3rd ranked program in the nation, you have been CHOSEN to interview. You stood out on paper....now go wow them in person. - PA-S2 BCM
  5. Interesting that the official Spanish translation for Physician Assistant for decades has been: Asociado Medico (Physician Associate)
  6. In the throws of didactic currently. I could write a long post but I think the single most important decision in regards to balancing family and school has been to be very intentional about having a weekly date night to unplug from school and have quality time with my wife. Typically Fridays. Also, Saturday mornings I try to do something with the kids too. There are many other things, but that for sure I think has been crucial.
  7. There's always money in the banana stand!
  8. Was given Dave Ramsey's book back in 2006. Almost done with baby step 6...but because of his baby steps have saved up money for PA school. Haven't been in debt for almost 10 years and don't plan to start.
  9. The HR department didn't ask me what I thought either during the mandatory training... My guess is they try to lump that under "accountability" : apply expertise and commit to the highest level of patient care and accept responsibility for the result.
  10. Everything is about the "PATIENT EXPERIENCE" these days. At the hospital I work at the priority of service excellence standards are: 1- Safety 2- Courtesy 3- Accountability 4- Efficiency 5- Innovation (I'm not saying I agree with the order) But in the example of above with the thoracentesis, your friend was great at #4 but not so much #2 in the eyes of the patient. Not defending the patient's comments, but it is just the world we live in these days...patient experience seems to trump everything.
  11. It's never the "perfect time" to go to PA school when you have children. It's a SACRIFICIAL INVESTMENT FOR A SEASON. The most important thing is having a strong support system, whether it's a spouse, parents, friends, classmates, church, etc that can encourage you and help you achieve your goal. Don't try to do this "solo."
  12. You are in high school and are mature beyond your years! Seeking wisdom and being teachable is a missing ingredient with many people your age. I have no doubt you will be on the right track. When I was your age I was more concerned about beating all my challengers on the Street Fighter 2 arcade game.
  13. To answer your question, I would just take the prerequisites needed for whatever school you are applying to and make sure you fulfill their minimum GPA. Some are 3.0 and others 3.2. Work your hardest to get A's in the classes you have left. Keep in mind GPA is only ONE piece of the pie of the application process. Most schools are very HOLISTIC in their review. Even though your GPA might not blow someone away you can become a well rounded competitive applicant by having an excellent essay, letters of recommendation, volunteering, GRE, shadowing, quality patient care hours, etc. Since
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