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  1. Congrats!! I have my interview on 10/21! How was the interview? Do you have any advice?
  2. Hello! Long story short, I am a senior at a university studying dietetics and have recently decided that I want to become a PA and not follow through with my current route to become a registered dietitian. With that being said, I have become overwhelmed and extremely stressed about making this switch possible before applying in the Fall of 2018! I will be taking an additional year ("fifth year") after I graduate in order to fulfill prerequisite classes required for the PA schools I want to apply to. On top of that, I now have to take my GRE, obtain 500-1000 healthcare experience hours, and fill out the rest of CASPA. My stats thus far: cGPA: 3.89 sGPA: 4.0 Volunteer hours: (due to my dietetics major) 100 hours volunteering for various clinical dietitians Advice I am looking for: 1. Quickest path to take in order to obtain direct patient care hours 2. Resume builders 3. Am I at a disadvantage for having a major in dietetics? 4. How possible is it to basically start from where I am and still apply (and get accepted) in the Fall 2018 cycle?! I am a very ambitious, hard working, studious person and am determined to do this!
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