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  1. Got an interview invite 11/8, but will be declining. Good luck!
  2. Search for apts in Aurora/stapleton area if you want to stay close to campus. There are apts right next to campus (across the streets) called 21 Fitzsimons apts. and there are even newer apts that just got done being built across from the Children's Hospital on Colfax (not sure what they're called)
  3. For those who have been accepted, @milesHenson1 started a new thread "Class of 2021", so we can start getting to know each other. :)
  4. Hey guys! I'm from CO and super excited to start. The next couple months will fly by, I'd rather wait for the official FB page instead of starting multiple ones. Does anyone who already lives in CO plan on moving to Aurora?
  5. She confirmed when she received my deposit and paperwork.
  6. I was given an interview invite on 10/11 but will be declining. Hope this opens a spot for someone else!
  7. Declined my acceptance offer today. Hope this helps those on the wait list!
  8. Had an interivew at Orlando and I just gave up my spot. Good luck everyone!
  9. Received an email to reschedule my interview with Barry. I have been accepted into another program and declined my interview. Hope this opens space for someone else. :)
  10. Interviewed 8/23. Got an acceptance call this morning. Most likely will be declining as I was offered acceptance elsewhere. Hope this helps those who are wait listed!
  11. Got the acceptance 9AM today! Super exciting, can't wait to start with you all next year :)
  12. They said they would contact us some time after the hurricane to reschedule. I'm not sure where this puts us Sept 8th interviewers on the admission decisions though.
  13. Just received an email that Sept 8th interviews are cancelled due to hurricane Irma potentially impacting the area this weekend. :(
  14. They sent an email, yes for the Miami campus. My email was from Michelle Spence I believe.
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