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  1. I've just seen it casually mentioned in this forum and on another forum a few times... EMEDPA, a moderator here, said it recently in the "future of pa" thread and in "deciding to leave medical school..." thread. I can't find every instance I've come across it however....and I can't explain why they believe this is so.
  2. Well, everyone's saying that lateral mobility is going to disappear soon.
  3. Unfortunately, I feel like this happens to many female medical professionals at some point...It's really too bad he's back in the streets. Although, this is a sexual offense as opposed to just flirting. I totally understand refusing to work with someone in this situation.
  4. How often does this occur? It sounds like you've dealt with this before... Did you just say "I'm flattered but I'm going to have to refer you to another PA"? And did you honestly feel that your safety and your practice was threatened?
  5. 5% first time acceptance rate!?! Wow, I didn't realize it was so low... Feeling less hopeful about my future in just a matter of seconds...
  6. I've heard some major changes are expected in the next couple of decades for PAs. Many believe it will be difficult to find positions in a saturated market, lateral mobility will be entirely phased out, some have said that PAs will take over primary care (might be phased out of specialties), and others that PAs will require more schooling. Does any of this sound probable? What about the job market forecast seems positive to you?
  7. I'm sure you were addressing others but I wasn't complaining about affirmative action at all. I simply asked for observations about the acceptance rates. Anyways, good points to bring up.
  8. Well...If a minority and a non-minority applicant had very similar stats, would the minority have the advantage? It sounds like everyone is held to the same standards when it comes to PA school acceptance.
  9. Haha, agreed. The entire program, they'd be bothering me with: "When are you going to start making decent money for yourself?", "Why don't you just consider Computer Software Engineering?"; "Don't get pregnant." (my family is ridiculous at times....or all times..)
  10. So, what if you just tend to be an independent person and do just fine without family around? My family was never much of a support system anyway...I just wouldn't want to come across as a callous individual. I imagine I would have tried to stress how capable I am of handling being alone. I would say that I expect to meet new people in my program and would expect that we could come together and support each other through our studies. Perhaps a bit cheesy, but also could mention that the staff at their program are said to be very supportive through the entire program, are experienced and
  11. Really? In your experience, those with average scores weren't being accepted? I wonder why that would be. It's hard to believe the standards would be held higher for minorities...
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