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  1. Hello pre-pa, pa students, and pa gradates, I honestly don't know how to start this, but I will get straight to the point. Here is a little about my background. I graduated with honors from high school, first semester of college was okay, I was still learning about how to choose classes and professors as well as how to study. I finished my 1st semester with a 3.2. Second semester I started "pledging" mistake, but I quit and finished my second semester with a 3.0. I decided to take summer classes, two at a time, (big mistake) failed both classes with E's. Long story short Fall of 2011-2012 (4 semesters) I struggled, was on academic probation, etc.. I was going out of my mind. Summer of 2013 I traveled, came back fall of 2013-2016 I maintained 3.0+. But the damage was already done and I just wanted to get out, move on, and have a fresh start. So, Overall Gpa - 2.45 sGpa - no idea I have to retake science classes Now, in Michigan there are a few college's that will allow you to use the last 60 credits of undergrad as well as post-bac to be calculated for the use of admissions to the pa program. My last 60 credits - 2.9 gpa My plan is to take random classes at a community college in order to manipulate my gpa and get at least a 3.8+ as well as take all the pre-req classes and then the gre. I am highly motivated and determined to achieve my dream and goals to attend pa school. I don't care if it takes me another three years, I am determined to do it. How should I plan out my classes? What should I do? Also, I need a minimum of 500-1000 hours of direct patient care (depending on which school) what should I do to achieve those hours? (I used to be a CNA out of high school but my certification expired in 2011) Also, I need better study habits, I'm horrible with multiple-choice exams, what can I do stay focused on the task at hand? I have a beautiful 4 month old daughter and she is my motivator towards achieving this goal of mine. Any advice would help please, I would love to hear success stories in which people that were once in my shoes make it to pa school.
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