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  1. Thanks! Manhattan did a MMI format. 7 interviewers each 7 minute long interviews
  2. Think he was referring to the bay shore interview. The Manhattan interview is much different from my experience. Him and i are in our final few weeks in the first semester of the bay shore program right now hah
  3. They do not divulge how many people are on the waitlist nor where you stand on it either unfortunately ?
  4. What do you mean? I was accepted back in January lol
  5. I've heard that Bay Shore is still interviewing people and both programs start around the same month, so I'd think they would be still interviewing for Manhattan too. Just an assumption though :/
  6. Thank you and good luck! It seems obvious that what got me in this year versus last year was just increased healthcare experience hours and maybe I just interviewed better? Hadn’t taken any additional courses academically. Around 1000 total hours experience wise between being a medical scribe, hospital volunteer, EMT, and physical therapy aide. I had a cumulative 3.63 GPA and a bachelors in biology from stony brook.
  7. I was just accepted to the program as well, but am not yet 100 % sure I will be attending as I am considering this and another program! Was nice to be accepted 6 days from when I interviewed whereas last cycle they took 6 months to give me an answer and I didn’t get in lol. The interview process (since this was my second year interviewing here) is very straightforward and almost 100 % identical to the previous years interview format. Write a short essay and answer a 10 question quiz, a presentation by the program director, and then a 15-25 min interview with 2 faculty members. They just asked me what I have done healthcare experience wise, what I like to do for fun, and why I chose their program. All pretty common questions for all PA interviews (I have been through over 10 pa program interviews between this year and last year by this point)
  8. GPA 3.63 hours of healthcare experience approximately were around 600 hours at that time. Anything else you'd want to know?
  9. I applied last cycle and had an interview
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