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  1. Hey guys! I was accepted from the 08/23/17 interviews. Congrats to us!
  2. Pretty sure it will not be until December! Interviews aren't until January/February
  3. I interviewed 8/14 and have not heard back yet!
  4. I talked about completely different experiences than the ones in my essay. And, i was only interviewed by one person, but I know some others were interviewed by 2 people at once! And from what I've heard/read is that you should make eye contact with both, so it doesn't seem like you are only talking to the one interviewer!
  5. I received an interview invite last week, but I turned it down as I was accepted into my top program. Goodluck to everyone applying :)
  6. First off, good luck with your interview! Fortunately, my interview with Dubuque was my second interview so I had a little practice beforehand! My biggest advice is to talk with the other applicants. Everyone is nervous, and making a friend or two can do so much for your nerves. Also, know your application and have more than one patient experience to draw from. My interviewer asked me to tell her about a patient experience that has stuck with me. I wrote about a few patient experiences in my essay, but made sure to have a few others to talk about. Lastly, be yourself and just breathe! If you don't know how to answer a question, take a drink of water to buy some time. Remember the adcom wants to learn about you, so take that opportunity to sell yourself. Anyway, I've droned on a bit long. Good luck!
  7. Got my rejection email a few days ago. But don't worry, i got the call yesterday that my top choice offered me admission! Goodluck at your interviews, guys! You very clearly deserve them!!!
  8. Got the call this morning at 10am (August 29th) that they are offering me a spot :) I interviewed on August 23rd so only 6 days after my interview. Goodluck everyone :)
  9. Thank you! I hope you hear back from them very soon! :)
  10. Just an update, received the email today offering me an interview. August 23rd :)
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