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  1. Hi, I'm looking for Rosh Review access that is good through mid January 2019. If anyone is selling/has discount codes, let me know! Thanks!
  2. Yes! Within the first week of school you will be in the hospital talking to patients getting histories and begin physical exams at the beginning of the first quarter too. We were told that we would be great at taking histories and doing physicals by the end of school, and our professors were very right. I now can rattle off and elicit a very thorough history and complete a physical exam now without even thinking about it, even though it was very intimidating at the beginning. This is so important now that we are heading into clinical rotations. It is definitely a huge advantage. And, yes, our school is actually right next to the Chinatown section of the city, which has some fantastic restaurants :)
  3. Hi! No problem, I wish I had known about this site before I started! I'll divide up the questions and answer them that way! Why did you choose Drexel? I chose Drexel because it has a great national reputation, but especially along the east coast. I had a great interview day and felt that I would be able to effectively learn while still being able to enjoy Philadelphia which is one of my favorite cities. It also helped that there are about a million hospitals in Philadelphia and the immediate surrounding areas, and many of these hospitals are known nationally. I figured that whatever I wanted to go into, most likely I would be able to find a job at a great hospital, and even more so because Drexel is so well known for producing great PAs. What is school like? I won't life, school is VERY busy. We go through a ton of information in a very short period of time. At orientation, they describe it as drinking water out of a fire hydrant, and they are not lying. It is stressful, and overwhelming at times....but I continue to surprise myself at the amount of information I can retain. We get a lot of time in the hospital, and I think I will be very prepared before clinicals (or as much as you can be after 1 year of classes). The key to success in this program is being proactive, attempting to be productive every day and remembering to have fun. PA Olympics: SO MUCH FUN! We raised over 20,000 total for our charity last year, and Drexel won last year for the 2nd year in a row. We met a ton of wonderful people from other PA schools in the area, and had a great time at the event. We have plenty of opportunities to do volunteer work, there is a point person on the board who schedules much of it, but people volunteer according to their availability and schedule. Leadership Opportunities We have the board for the class which people are nominated for by classmates and the class later votes on. There are also other state/national representatives for PA organizations the AAPA. However, even if you don't decide to take this route, if you find something that sparks your interest and other people are interested, run with it. Your free time can be dedicated to anything you choose, and you don't need to be in a Drexel affiliated position to be a leader in the community, plenty of people do charity/volunteer work outside of our program. Philadelphia: I am biased because I grew up outside of the city, but I have lived in a bunch of cities through the years and can safely say it is up there in terms of my favorite. It is a great size-- big enough that there is always something fun going on, and small enough that I don't feel overwhelmed getting places and it doesn't take forever. It is super walkable- I walk everywhere... literally. From one end to the other takes about an hour (South street bridge to Penns landing). There are some amazing restaurants, good shopping, great bars and dance clubs, intramural sports leagues, and a lot of people who are young professionals living here.I think the Center City area is safe (or as safe as a city can possibly be) and I feel comfortable walking home at night by myself, although there are definitely parts outside of the central portion that I would be more careful in. I can't really think of the worst part because I really like it here, but again I'm biased.
  4. Drexel doesn't have any permanent "affiliations" aside from Hahnemann as far as I know, however we do have other sites at hospitals that are consistently offered each year, although my understanding is also that our site options can change yearly depending on the number of schools in the area, how many students the sites want to take, how prior students felt about the sites etc. A few specific examples of hospitals with sites that we had the opportunity to rank this year were Hahnemann, Lourdes, St. Christopher's, CHOP, the VA, Lankenau in addition to a bunch of other hospital sites on the east coast and all around the country, and there are many smaller private practices and community health clinics where we have the opportunity to rotate. Our professors do a great job of finding sites where we will be given the opportunity to actually do a lot and learn. However, just because we might have one site at a specific hospital for emergency medicine for example, it does not mean that we also have a surgery site at that same place. One thing that is nice is that we have the opportunity to set up our own rotations if we want to. While this takes more effort and time, it has been really great for people who are not from the area who may want to live near their family/friends during a rotation.
  5. Hi, I am another first year at Drexel. I'm willing to answer any questions you may have about admissions, what school is like, Philadelphia etc. I know there is another user from our class on here, but if you want a different perspective, let me know! Good luck to everyone waiting!
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