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  1. Southpaw45, They did not give any insight to how many applicants they had received this year at our interview day. However, there was 10 people there with me to interview and we had one no show. So if that’s the typical total per interview, the odds of acceptance after being offered an interview increase significantly. I saw a newspaper article that claimed they around 700 applicants last year.
  2. Awesome, mam93! I'll be traveling from Minnesota, how about you?
  3. Southpaw45 and storiesintheend, I submitted my application on July 17th and I was verified the next day. This is my first time applying to Stephens College, but since I applied to other programs last year it didn't take long for them to verify my application.
  4. I received an invitation to interview on November 10th today by email :) Has anyone else been invited for this day?
  5. Hi everyone! Does anyone have any information about this program? It sounds like they are accepting their first class.
  6. I asked them last year if they will eventually conduct interviews and they told me no. I think their reasoning is because Duluth can be difficult to travel to if you do not live in the surrounding states. However they focus on applicants looking to practice in Northern Minnesota.
  7. I agree with eheadley, it doesn't hurt to check in and make sure they received everything. I just looked and they did email me the day my application was verified that I had not sent them my official GRE scores.
  8. Hi! I figured I would start a thread for this year's cycle. I submitted my application on 7/17, was verified 7/18 and received an email from admissions that they reviewed my application by 7/20. It sounds like after the program's deadline of August 1st, they will send out interviews to be held in September. It's refreshing to have a program that's quick to get through the admissions process.
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