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  1. Hospitalist/Hospital Medicine PAs Can you guys weigh in your personal experience working as a Hospitalist? Pros and Cons? Working relationship with physicians? Thank you.
  2. Hello, just want to ask PAs who are currently working in/or previously in academia. What are your thoughts? Pros and cons? How does a PA get their foot started in academia. Background: I am currently practicing in Allergy/Immunology with ER experience as well. I graduated in 2019 in a different state than where I am currently practicing, so connection around the area is limited. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated
  3. kbnEMPA

    Texas Licensing

    This is a different topic, but in the same realm...I graduated last year, I paid for my application fees in June, and in September, they asked me to pay for renewal fees as well. Now my license is about to expire again, thats another hefty fee, but they are starting to do every two years. So my question is, what was the process like before they changed to this every 2 years? And how much did everyone have to pay per renewal?
  4. It is good to hear, however, I am not keeping my hopes high at this point. I was not given an exact return date. I really wanted to get into another office or job during my stint in the ED, but most ppl were not looking to hire new grads. No one could have predicted this, but I was definitely shocked to see my position in healthcare got jeopardizes so easily. Its quite discouraging for a lot of new grads (unless they have existing connections) to apply to so many places, only to be turned down because lacking experience. If no opportunities are given, how can one gain the experience required. Especially general medicine (FM, UC, ER)
  5. I have considered that option, and I went to AZ for PA school. I do know that some of classmates did struggle to find job as a new grad when we graduated last year in AZ tho. Figuring out which state to live in is a problem in and of itself. For my previous job, I had to move and got myself an apartment, the lease is not finished yet (about 7 more months). I am currently paying for it without living there to save expenses. So financially, i am in a bind right now to really pick up another obligation.
  6. Thank you. It sucks because I was slowly getting the gist of being an ED midlevel. I did work for a staffing company, thats why a reduced number in patients was such a big deal to them. I am considering all opportunities tbh. I have applied through LinkedIn, Zip recruiter. However, i have only received 2 rejection emails out of 30 jobs I applied for. Most of these jobs require experience (though, I applied anyway to test my chance). It is a very defeating feeling and a frustrating situation. If you know of any openings, I would greatly appreciate it.
  7. Our ER sees about 250+ patients a day. However, since the Covid outbreak, our volume decreased by 40%. They had to cut back on hours.
  8. I am a new-grad-ish. Started working for an Emergency Department for a few months, then Covid hit. Low census lead to reconsiderations, and eventually me being furloughed in the process. Everything happened very fast. I am concerned because I only have a few months of experience, now trying to apply for jobs that require 1+ year(s) experience. PA profession has been one of the fastest growing professions, yet, we are seeing PAs being furloughed left and right. I have never thought I would be in this situation. And I feel anxious and worrisome moving forward trying to apply for jobs.
  9. Hi all, Just want to ask for everyone's opinion in various advancements in the PA's career (those who have went through this or is considering the option) 1. Residency - its very competitive to get into one of these programs (I also heard about it not making that much of a difference in the job field) 2. Doctorate - 3 routes (administrative, clinical, and education) is it worth it to go back to school? 3. Education - I am not familiar with the process of how to get into education for a PA program, even if just part time instructor (I remember as a PA student, some of the part time faculty teaching skills are previous students) but I am not practicing in the same state where I went to school, so I am not sure how to find a position Thank you in advance for your reply
  10. For me, mostly because I am currently in it...but, the first few years. For me, its just the first few months so far, because I am a recent grad. I used to think pre-PA was hard because I was constantly worried about whether I would get into school or not. Then I thought PA school was the hardest thing, because I would get worried whether I would graduate or not...not to mention the Board Exam (I guess you can guess it by now, I am a worried-wart hehe). Then I was lucky enough to get offered a ER job right after graduation, but so far, it has been the toughest experience I have ever had. I started during start-peak of the flu season, I would go home cry, and worry about the patients I saw. I would call and ask my colleagues about many questions, some are simple, some are complex. I would also make questionable decisions (i.e. keeping a patient that was way out of my scope of practice and level of experience). I am still learning, but I do have somewhat of a chip on my shoulder you could say, that my job is in jeopardy because of my lack of experience. You can go to work one day, and think that "Wow, I slowly getting this stuff down" then tomorrow you get ur ass handed to you. In addition to that, there are other factors like working with different attendings, different mindsets on the job, expectations, perceptions from others (nurses, techs, patients, other docs) etc. It is not rare for me to question my choice of being in this profession, this particular field, etc. So, being a new grad thus far has been very exhausting (mentally and physically). I have been told time after time by different PAs that it would only get better. Therefore, I can only keep moving forward. PS: I heard somewhere that, in order to work as a ER provider, you need to be a bit paranoid at all time. I am not sure if thats true haha, but I definitely fit the description, if not the prime example.
  11. kbnEMPA

    Texas Licensing

    Hi guys, questions regarding Texas licensing process. Started my application 1 month before grad, passed board 8/22/19. Got my final paperwork in 8/27/19. I was told by TMB it takes up to 10 bus. days for you to be assigned (if all the paperwork is correct), then another 15 bus. days for it to be processed. I have a checklist that showed all the documentations have been received, except the temp license which was optional. I waited for a couple of weeks, decided to call them, only to be told that one of the forms has not been submitted (the checklist shows that it has been received). My question is, I heard they only meet the middle of the month (around the 17th of each month, so if you get the paperwork in before the 17th, u will get your license in the same month, if not, then you will get it the next month). How accurate is that? I am quite disappointed about this whole situation (I should have checked earlier), as I already have a job waiting for me to be licensed so they can process my credentialing paperwork, but now I am afraid that this incidence will push me further back. Student loan is running low, and I feel bad making my job waits for me. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
  12. @Kristina-M My PACKRAT score was good, and its equivalent to a passing score. I just want to know if you took your PACKRAT and felt that it was pretty accurate prediction.
  13. Hi guys, I am set to graduate in August, but I have started looking for jobs because I want to work as soon as I can after graduation and PANCE. My current interests are Family Medicine, Emergency Medicine, and Hospitalist. I am living in Texas currently, and I am planning to stay here. But I have a hard time finding a job, most are specialty-based, on top of that, 90% requires you to have 2+ years experience. I was wondering if you guys have any tips or resources that are open to new grads. Thanks.
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