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  1. It's frustrating that everyone is acting like it's super obvious. I was previously pre-med (unofficially, at UC Berkeley since they don't have an official pre-med program). No one in my program had any HCE or PCE. It just wasn't discussed. So, since I've been investigating the PA program, it's been weird to see how many people have to get OTHER certifications just to get into the MPAS program. There are EMTs and MAs... that just seems really silly to me! Why are PAs treated differently than med students?
  2. @JD2012 maybe so but the intensity of this thread's debate only proves my point - it isn't cut and dry! It's worth discussing.
  3. Gah! If I got 500 awesome, rewarding, life-affirming hours, why would I have to worry that it wasn't enough? Just asking mostly in hypothetical frustration, not necessarily blaming you for relaying info. :)
  4. Great! This is awesome, everyone. I appreciate your candidness. I just saw all these people on here getting rejected with like 2000+ hours of HCE and I'm likely to have only 300-500 AT BEST. So, based on everyone's feedback, I think it's just important to have some and not necessarily the quantity.
  5. @UGoLong I get that it's a great idea for me to learn more about the medical field. But in terms of getting accepted to a PA program that doesn't require it, do you think they're not asking for HCE hours but are really secretly expecting it?
  6. I know this seems like a silly question. I'm only looking at one PA school (which seems crazy after reading this forum) and that school doesn't require HCE. Do you think that I ACTUALLY need it?
  7. That first paragraph reads SO much better if you cut out the first sentence. The first sentence is very choppy and hard to read. It's also much more engaging and creates a sense of intrigue in your life story starting with the second sentence!
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