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  1. Was eventually pulled out of rotation 7 last wednesday. Was told rotation 8 will begin on time (3/30).
  2. On rotation 7 of 8 and graduate in May. Seems like our program has come to a screeching halt. Several people have been sent home and several(including myself) have had their rotation 8 canceled. I'm sure every PA school is going through this, how is your program dealing with rotations?
  3. Graduating in May and looking for my first job in SE North Carolina but having trouble finding an urgent care setting that wants to hire a new grad. Any tips or advice? How did you break in right after school? Thanks in advance
  4. What's up everyone, since the old link is not working I have created a new fb group. Message me for a link.
  5. Congrats to everyone who was accepted and if you got rejected, keep fighting...the right school for you is out there.
  6. right now the best thing you can do is crush every class you take in undergrad, and spend your summers volunteering at hospital/shadowing/cna working at hospital. You'll be set.
  7. This. In my area EMT jobs are hard to come by and if you do get one, in the beginning you may just be transporting patients around the county. I got my CNA and couldn't be happier. I was hired with no experience at the county hospital in a float pool so i get to see all parts of the hospital. After a few weeks of kicking butt and getting to know people, the supervisors ended up putting me in my favorite parts of the hospital +80% of the time. I get to work in emergency department all the time and even get to help with traumas when they come in, an invaluable experience that i could have n
  8. if you want to take the island, burn the boats. Work on it like your existence depends on getting in.
  9. Great question. I showed up right at 5:30 and was astonished by how many people were already there. Then after about 15/20 mins we went into a classroom and everyone asked the current students questions. I wore a suit and with no jacket or tie and felt overdressed. If i had known then I would have just worn a nice polo and slacks. That is what most of the male students were wearing.
  10. " If you want to take the island, burn the boats"
  11. you have to apply to more than one school. All the schools now get k's of apps.
  12. Looking for a new computer for PA school. Right now I have a chromebook, i enjoy it but know I will need more. I am not usually a Mac user but open to anything. I am leaning towards a Microsoft Surface. Any suggestions and links are welcomed. Thanks!
  13. Words can not express how grateful I am to have been accepted. I felt a near instant connection with not just the program but also the city. I am so excited to start in June and call Portland home. To those who got waitlisted or didn't get in, or still waiting to hear....don't give up. Passion is one of the most powerful resources in medicine, and if you are passionate enough...the right program for you awaits. To thy own-self be true.
  14. Things to do in Portland - Fort Williams State park (free, scenic and lighthouse) - 2 lights lighthouse (scenic but i liked the portland HeadLight at fort williams more) -Drive from fort williams to 2lights is gorgeous. Both located in Cape Elizabeth about 20 mins from the campus. Very scenic and also a place to get out and do some walking out in the woods -Portland Art Museum ($15 and they have monets and a degas as well as other beautiful art) -Beckys diner ( located in the old port, I had 3 lobster rolls there and this was the best and biggest one) -Holy Don
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