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  1. Still hoping to get an interview...I think there is only one left in November...have no idea why I haven't heard anything yet! I was verified on CASPA in May I have met and exceeded all of their qualifications! I think it's my age that is deterring them :(
  2. Has anyone received an invite for any interviews in October?
  3. I submitted 5/29 and did not receive an invite yet....hopefully for the next session
  4. I am still currently working on my bachelors degree and will finish in May of 2018, hoping to enter a PA program in summer/fall 2018. Many PA programs say that to be eligible you must finish your degree BEFORE you even submit your application! This has limited the amount of schools I can apply to (so far only one in CT). Is anyone else in the same boat right now? I don't want to limit myself to just one school even though I'm trying to stay around CT. I have all the common prereqs finished and an immense amount of PCE hours so that isn't an issue...just looking for any other current undergrads applying to enter PA programs in 2018!!
  5. For everyone applying to UB during this cycle just to clarify, if you applied during this 2017-2018 cycle, you will begin in January 2018, correct? I am still an undergrad until May 2018, so I would have to wait and apply to UB's PA program next summer for entry in January 2019?
  6. I applied back in May and I am anxiously waiting to hear back! I swear I check CASPA multiple times per day... I have only applied to QU right now. I am still finishing my bachelors and I will be done in May 2018, but many PA schools require that you have your bachelors fully completed BEFORE you even apply! This has limited the amount of schools I can apply to and I'm struggling to find schools that will even let me apply... is anyone here still an undergrad and applied to multiple schools in/around Connecticut?
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