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  1. Also received news today that I was placed on the interview wait list. Does anyone know how long into the new year (2018) I may possibly be offered an interview? Or, in other words, is there a possibility that I could be still waiting for news in April or May? I understand this is a process entirely out of my control at this point...but an indefinite wait is going to be excruciating! Congratulations to those accepted, at Duke and other PA programs, and good luck to those still pending.
  2. Technically, since the deadline has not yet passed, it is clearly not too late to apply! However, I would recommend contacting admissions and ask them your questions as soon as possible. I am sure they probably have a few back-up interviews to compensate for any seat/acceptance withdrawals in the next few months as more schools round up their decisions. Good luck!
  3. Received my acceptance call today! (I interviewed on October 4th)
  4. @fraja Our interview is coming up! As I was preparing this morning, just thought I would say hello and good luck. This will be my first PA school interview, but let me know if you needed anyone to bump ideas off of for preparation, or any general PA school questions at all. My name is Katie. Happy to help!
  5. I am happy to hear that MEDEX understands the importance of personal maintenance as well. An over-worked, tired, burnt-out PA student cannot perform to the best of his or her potential - at least, even if one is able to, it is not a sustainable lifestyle. Definitely will make sure to establish a good group of peers to hold each other accountable for both study and break periods. Thanks again for your advice!
  6. Awesome response, this is just the kind of insight I was looking for. I expect any curriculum of high standing to be challenging, but it is the quality of the community and of the support and resources they can provide that I am most interested. Thank you! I am sure I will have questions for you in the future. Hope the first month went well, and good luck to the rest of your new journey!
  7. Thank you so much for your detailed reply. I expect any top-rated PA program to be rigorous as you describe here - to expect any less would be naive! I can see how it would be especially challenging for a mother with family, however, and it is a useful perspective for me to consider. Thank you for sharing, and the BEST of luck to your wife in her final year!
  8. I've seen past posts comparing OHSU and Pacific University programs. Does anyone have further insight? Past applicants with any details of the curriculum itself (pros, cons, interesting features)? Please and thank you!! Best of luck to all
  9. I cannot wait to hear back from MEDEX. My first choice is the Seattle campus. Do any past applicants have any insight into the program and its curriculum (pros, cons, interesting characteristics)? I am not too worried about the location geographically such as with traffic, weather and whatnot - just would like any details about the curriculum itself! Please and thank you, and good luck to all!
  10. Do any past applicants have any insight to the program and curriculum at GWU (pros, cons, interesting tid bits)?
  11. I submitted the supp app about 2 weeks ago and can hardly wait for an answer! Are any past applicants familiar with the general timeline of admissions related news? Good luck to all!
  12. Hello all, I noticed a discussion thread has not yet been started for this year's application cycle. I recently received an email from admissions letting me know that my application has been received and is under review. Where is everyone else in the application process? Any little drops of wisdom on how the Stanford admissions process typically goes, or the merits/drawbacks of their curriculum and program? Thanks, and good luck
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