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  1. Hello everybody! I interviewed on 9/29 and was accepted the following Monday as well. I'm currently deciding between Augsburg and another school, but I am excited to start classes and get this process going :)
  2. Just turned down an offer to interview, so hopefully that opens up a spot for somebody! Good luck :)
  3. Congrats to everyone finding out!! If you don't mind me asking, were acceptances/waitlists/rejections delivered via email, phone, or snail mail?
  4. @JacquelineWhite94 I got an invite yesterday, so don’t count yourself out yet!!!
  5. I emailed them about the on campus program, and they accept 25 to that class. Not sure about the others though!
  6. I interviewed on October 24th (what I’m pretty sure was the last interview date), and it sounded like we wouldn’t hear anything until early-mid November. But it look like somebody already got a call, so who knows! :) it’s a bit of a waiting game.
  7. Yup, just a couple hours ago. Wow @kelzie, you have some crazy good stats. Mine are: GPA: 3.80 cgpa, 3.83 science gpa GRE: 154 verbal, 160 quant, 5.0 writing ~1500 hours PCA in a group home ~500 volunteer EMT
  8. I also have an interview for the 29th! Very excited :)
  9. Other than the call asking me if I had any questions, no. But I'm not too concerned, as the deadline hasn't even passed yet. I don't think SD even starts looking at apps until after Sept. 1st. Also, by the looks of last year's thread, they didn't hear about interview until about mid October. Let the waiting continue lol!
  10. Also received an interview invitation today! Very excited :) Have you guys heard anything as to how the group interviews work? I've never had an interview quite like that before.
  11. @summerellefson I got the same email. If you look at the forum from last years cycle, almost everybody (if not everybody) was on this list before they received an interview. This just means you haven't been rejected yet and they are still looking at the applications they have received thus far! I think it's definitely a good thing :)
  12. Hey everybody! Thought I'd start a thread for the newest round of applications. :) Good luck to you all!
  13. Hello everybody! Thought I'd start a thread for the 2017-2018 cycle so we can all stay in the loop :)
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