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  1. Hi peeps! Just got accepted off the waitlist - pumped! Is there a facebook group?
  2. Hi all! I have the opportunity to choose between two schools and I am so torn! Any advice would be very much appreciated. Problem is cheaper school has a pretty low PANCE pass rate. Option A: state school if I qualify for in-state tuition which I should, it would be ~55k tuition total closer to my support system rotations at lesser known hospitals working with underserved populations CONS: PANCE pass rate < 90% Doesn’t start until August and I am a career changer so eager to get school started!!! NO electives kind of rundown facilities option B: School part of a bigger institution with better connections School mentioned many students have a job before graduation 100% PANCE pass rate starts late May one elective CONS: Much higher tuition: >100k Slightly further away from support system
  3. When did they tell you about the Q&A? I have an interview next Thursday and the e-mail sent with the interview invite did not say anything about the Q&A. Thank you for your help!
  4. Hey! I just interviewed. Flights: I flew into CLT (about 1hr 20 min from Winston-Salem) because it was much cheaper than raleigh-durham and a half hour closer. I didnt look into Greensboro because I figured it'd be more expensive. I rented a car from Alamo which was ~ $150, but I rented for two days - maybe post in here and try to coordinate with someone and share a car if they're flying into same airport? Hotel: Try calling the Hawthorne Inn & Conference Center - they gave me a student rate of $75 and it was pretty nice and free breakfast! Only a 7 min drive from the interview area. Hope this helps!
  5. Hey all! I'm interviewing 10/21 and flying into Charlotte tomorrow morning/renting a car to get to Winston-Salem. Driving back to Charlotte to catch a flight Monday night after the interview. If anyone needs a ride from/to Charlotte, feel free to DM me with your number! Also if anyone will be in Winston-Salem on Sunday before the interview and wants to explore, let me know!
  6. I interviewed 9/17 and was originally waitlisted - also got an acceptance call yesterday! PM me! @msnoodle do you know if there is a facebook group yet?
  7. I haven't either! Thinking it should be any day now....
  8. @alitay910 there were probably about 15 of us at our interview but they mentioned there were a very small amount interviewing on the last day. Half of the people interviewed before the tour and half interviewed after. Has anyone that's already interviewed in September heard anything?
  9. Thank you for the honest feedback @Palurker .... It is a lot but I am ambitious and tend to set big goals for myself! @rettikins Wow - getting those four classes while working night shifts sounds very tough... I am impressed! Congrats on being offered interviews at 8/11 schools - that's amazing! Can you share what your GPA ended up being and how many paid HCE hours you ended up with at the time of your application? Did you have any classes "in progress" at the time of your application? And do you know if most of the schools you applied to had rolling admissions (I feel like the most I've been eyeing are rolling). I too would be walking away from an attractive compensation package and I'm hoping this would help me to stand out and show admissions committees that this is something I really want (if I do decide its something I really want). This leaves me with a lot to think about. I am planning on signing up for two weekend classes so that I can try and go for it if I decide now is the time.
  10. Thank you for your reply! I have spoken to multiple PA's both via phone call and in person and will be shadowing a few in the ER next month to get a better feel if its something I definitely want to do. I also just started volunteering in the ER this month. I am planning on taking pre-reqs part time, but it will be difficult with my current finance job as I typically work 10-12 hours per day and often have client events after work. I would only be able to take 1 class per semester so will eventually have to quit my job before getting accepted unless I want to wait 8 years. As for human care experience I also plan to get paid hours before applying and will likely need to quit my current finance job in order to do so. It seems like I should wait at least a few more months to get more shadowing/volunteer experience before quitting.
  11. Hi all, I did a search on this forum, but I am seeking advice specific to my situation, so apologies if you have already answered some similar questions. I am truly non-traditional in that I have taken zero pre-reqs. I currently work in finance (26yrs old - have been working in finance for 4yrs) and am looking to make the switch to pre-PA and (try) to get into a PA program. I am thinking about quitting my finance job soon to go full force into my pre-PA endeavors. The big question is - when should I quit, and if I quit now, what are my chances of getting in the next cycle? If I quit in September I think the chances would be slim to get in the next cycle... (but I think there's a small chance!) I would take: Gen Bio and Gen Chem in Fall 2017 Gen Bio 2, Gen Chem 2, Phys and Anat 1 in Spring 2018 Phys and Anat II and BioChem or Microbiology in Summer 2018 and then mark "In Progress" for the other class and perhaps one other class in Fall 2018 (i.e. Genetics or Org Chem.. I've already taken Psych 101 and AP Calc/Statistics in college) I would get a certification as either EKG tech or CNA in the fall as well and hope to begin working per diem in the winter ASAP - I could maybe gain 500+ paid HCE hours My undergrad GPA was a 3.8 and I'm generally a good student so think I could keep my GPA up there. The other option would be to completely opt out of trying to get in the next cycle and quit late December and start taking classes in Spring 2018. My current finance job pays well so I would try and save up as much as possible. I know this is probably the smarter option but I'm pretty over my current job and so excited about getting on the pre-PA track! Does anyone think I would have a chance of getting in the next cycle if I quit my current finance job in September? Thank you so much!
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