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  1. What are some of the responses or reactions you receive from people when you tell them you are a Physician Assistant? Have you gotten people who were impressed, confused, envious, judgmental, condescending, appreciative..? Please share your stories!
  2. Hello, I was wondering what everyone's thoughts/predictions are on the future of the PA profession. I know that the nursing market is oversaturated and more and more schools are popping up and pumping out newly minted RNs/NPs and charging absurdly high tuition. Supply seems to be exceeding demand, which is decreasing the value of RN/NP degrees. There is also a push for requiring NPs have doctorates. I'm wondering with the current PA trend, will we ever get to the point where the PA market is oversaturated? Any rules/regulations you foresee becoming an issue for PAs? Any changes in PA educ
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