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  1. has anyone who was accepted heard anything since their acceptance?
  2. has anyone on the waitlist been pulled off or heard anything yet?
  3. It is UNECOM’s cadaver lab in Biddeford..the PA students get the cadavers after they have been dissected by the med students
  4. No problem! They offered a tour of the Southampton Campus at my interview. If they haven’t mentioned that for you guys, my guess is that either they don’t have anyone to do the tour or they have already filled all of the seats for that campus - they asked our campus preference at the very beginning of the interview. So you’ll find out one way or another! Good luck!!
  5. There are 44 seats for the main campus and 20 seats for the Southampton campus I haven't received anything since accepting my seat either, and I was a little worried at first because I wanted confirmation that it went through but I figured if it didn't I wouldn't still have access to all of that stuff on SOLAR!
  6. if you haven't interviewed anywhere else before, i would just go over the main websites that pop up when you google physician assistant interview questions. go over and over those until you feel comfortable and then even if you don't get asked those exact questions, you'll be able to twist what you had in your mind to answer the question you do get. have specific experiences of yours in your mind and try to incorporate those into your answers. they do ask a lot of questions at this one but the interviewers were super laid back and it was very conversational! if they ask you something you're unsure about, just be honest and say you're not sure and then try to follow up with something general so you at least made an attempt.
  7. Has anyone from the 10/19 interview heard anything yet?
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