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  1. I haven't heard anything yet! Will someone please post if they are accepted?!? I interviewed the 16th in the morning
  2. Thanks for your input, guys! Hoping that if someone gets in off the waitlist that they'll let us know. Also wishing everyone a great week and that they are hearing good news from the program of their choosing. Laura
  3. So, someone earlier said all decisions have been made but the Facebook group still only has 20 members and I haven't seen many new acceptance posts. Are all 30 spots filled and accepted as of now or Does that mean they are pulling the remaining spots from the waitlist? I was waitlisted for the program and just holding my breath for some miracle. Thanks to everyone that posts when they hear news - it is really helpful to know what's going on or at least not feel so alone in all of this.
  4. @jp2524 I'm also wondering if the class is filled or if more interview dates are available. I haven't heard anything from the program and applied early in the cycle. Thanks!
  5. Hi there! Congrats to those that have been accepted or invited to interview. Does anyone know how many spots are remaining and how many more/ if any interview dates are left? Would really appreciate some insight!!! Thank you!
  6. Hi there! Does anyone have a pulse on how many spots are remaining and if more interview invites will be sent out? I've been refreshing me email all hours of the day in hopes that they still have a few more invitations left.
  7. Hi Everyone! I have a few questions for those that have recently interviewed: 1) How was the interview process? 2) How many other applicants were interviewing with you? 3) Does anyone have an idea how many seats have already been filled of the 30? Thanks and good luck to all!!!
  8. Thanks Miles for the feedback! Hopefully, they send more. Did they call from Utah/Provo number first? Might keep me from refreshing my email every hour.
  9. Hi there! Congrats to everyone that has received interview invitations! I was wondering if anyone has more information on how many rounds of interview invitations will be sent? Will someone please post if they receive an invitation to interview this week or in the coming weeks? Good luck to those still waiting!
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