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  1. How did you finally end up finding on job during the 2008-09 financial crisis? I'm a new-grad and am in a similar boat (can't find a job during COVID-19 to save my life). Any tips/advice?
  2. If I had you as my co-worker, I would be asking you lots of questions (because you seem like you would not minding teaching a newbie). It sucks that the NP didn't take advantage of such a valuable opportunity.
  3. Yes, I would totally apply for it. But I have not come across any. If I get the proper training then I would feel more capable & confident.
  4. Yes Ortho is not for me (at least not at this current location). Maybe if I had a different mentor whom I wasn't afraid of asking questions for the fear of being yelled at or made to feel stupid..then I might actually grow an interest. I have been applying but such little response. Its very frustrating. And I agree with you that I dread going into work on clinic days because I know I'll be with him all day long with many opportunities for him to yell at me or for me to do things wrong. I should be excited to work but I just don't get that feeling. The rest of the staff is great and supportive
  5. I know Ortho isn't where my heart lies. Its just been tough finding a job during current times so I took the Ortho job as something to get my foot in the door. I am have been applying like crazy just to increase my chances of finding something else to try. My heart lies in CV/CT surgery but those willing to train new grads are so hard to come by. I also believe in faith and having been praying for some guidance through this situation. I really do appreciate your advice! Its very kind of you.
  6. At least I'm glad to know that maybe it's not so bad to ask lots of questions and double check with patients. I honestly was thinking like okay maybe that was dumb of me to ask about the prednisone. I have started applying to other places. Hopefully I find my fit.
  7. I know he's had at least 4 PAs in the past. The one prior to me worked for 3 years so he's probably not terrible. I am probably the issue. He's nice to the patients, the way he behaves with staff sometimes is a different story. He's older and set in his own way. And like I said before, if he asks you to do something then you better do it right now (whether that's me, the office manager, surgical coordinator, etc). After he had the talk with me, he went and told the office manager on how he wanted me to improve. He told her what he expects from me. I found that out when I went to speak to the m
  8. I only said new-ish because I graduated back in December 2019 so many people might not consider me that new, especially if a newer batch graduated in May/June 2020. But yes, very first job started in Sept so I am brand now. I definitely don't think I know everything (if anything at all). I've admitted to my lackings in my very first post because that's how I truly feel inside. I am having a hard time connecting exam findings to diagnosis & treatment plan. And yes, stark realization of being the real world is hitting me. Being out of the safety net of school.
  9. The patient had a meniscal repair. And ASA isn't the standard for my SP. The PA before me just gave Norco and Colace. When I informed him that the patient developed a DVT, he initially said maybe its my fault for not including ASA after surgery..its my fault for not telling you to do it. Then once he found out the patient was on OCP, his statement changed to you shouldn't have missed this. You should have looked at the H&P. And he remains on this stand now. So I'm taking the blame. I've never heard of orthobullets. Thank you so much for recommending it - I will be utilizing it (even
  10. Do you suggest that I look for other jobs? I feel the 90-day judgement might not be in my favor, based on his behavior with me so far.
  11. Do you recommend any good online resources? I feel embarrassed now to have the "hand holding" conversation.
  12. I tried having a detail chat with him regarding his concerns. And pretty much, he kept saying that I'm not sure how to help you, I can't pin this mistake on you being a new grad. Earlier the same day as the talk, we had a zoom appointment with a patient to discuss MRI results. The appointment was for 9am, we started the appt at 9:02am (just me, my SP was not even in the office). I started talking to the patient about how his pain has been. I had read the previous note which stated that the treatment was to get a MRI and start prednisone taper. The patient stated that the prednisone helped
  13. I will try the list method, especially for the physical exam. Also, now for pre-op because I don't want to miss anything major as such again. Since you have been working for many years, do you have any helpful resources that could help me get from physical exam to proper diagnosis and treatment plan? I would ask for guidance from my SP but now i just feel embarrassed. Like moving forward, if I ask clarification or explanation on something, he will think I've hired a stupid PA. And many times before, he's very brief with his explanation so it makes feel like I should already know this or
  14. I do agree with your points. My confidence is already shot and I feel embarrassed after that talk. Especially around my SP. If you have some good resources to help me bridge the gap between physical exam and diagnosis/treatment, please do share them.
  15. I am not privileged at the surgery place yet so I was observing during the surgery. I was part of post-op instructions like writing scripts and having my SP sign them. I did not see the patient in the office before the surgery because I was transitioning at that time so my first encounter with the patient was in the pre-op area. I think thats what my SP pointed out that I should have looked at the H&P from the PCP. Which he is right. None of our office notes have any medication history for this patient and this patient has had prior surgeries with my SP. So I guess the prior PA got lucky o
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