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  1. I am currently enrolled in a PA program (2nd year student) on a F1 visa. I found this post to be helpful to help with finances:
  2. I am glad to announce that I will be attending the KC PA program this May. After considering several excellent programs, it was KC that stood out with their yearlong reputation. Are there any current students willing to help out with housing for my girlfriend and I?
  3. My girlfriend and I were both accepted to the program, but we decided to attend a different program after a long consideration of pros and cons. Although we loved the program at UNE, we chose to attend another excellent program that was 20k cheaper. I hope this gives other people the chance to attend PA school!
  4. Thanks TheLastStone! Appreciate the feedback. Pre-reqs are indeed essential to the selection process. I will probably add them as additional optional filters to increase accuracy!
  5. Hey fellow aspiring PA! I am an international student applying to PA schools for the first time. I have experienced firsthand how stressful it can be to select the right school for you. While there are some basic search engines available to facilitate the search process, most of them are not very user-friendly, and not all information seems up-to-date. Therefore, the problem-solver in me decided to build my own efficient PA school finder with CORRECT information, and filters we all really care about. What are the filters we care about most? In my opinion the following filters are most important: - Cost (according to YOUR residency status) - Average GPA admitted students/ Minimum GPA (Which one of the two is more important?) - Average GRE / minimum GRE (Same as above) - Health Care Experience hours required - Accreditation status - PANCE Pass rates - ... What are some other essential factors that you would like to see included? I would greatly appreciate any feedback, and ideas, so that we can together create the most useful PA school finder! Thank You
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