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  1. Ahh gotcha! So I’m probably not even on the alternate list then. I’m happy with the school I’ve committed to so it’s no biggie but I was just curious as to what it said! Thanks for letting me know!
  2. What exactly did your email say? The last email I got was in December and said that they’d be updating me of my final status “no later than January 31st.” Yet here it is, February 2nd, and I’ve gotten nothing ?
  3. Hey all, I just interviewed last Friday on September 1st. I was wondering if any of the people who interviewed in August had heard back? And how soon after the interview did you hear? Thanks in advance to anyone with insight!
  4. Is it for the September 15th date? Or another day?
  5. Did they say we would hear back in about a week no matter what the news is? Regarding accepted/waitlisted/denied?
  6. I interviewed on 7/25 and I was wondering if anyone knew when we were supposed to hear back about whether or not we got in?
  7. I submitted June 6th and was verified the very next day.
  8. Got an email from them last night that I've been selected for an interview! So excited! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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