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  1. It might depend on when you interviewed. If it was on the 3rd of November, hopefully we’ll hear back before the holidays. If not, in January.
  2. Yes, finally in August! I know exactly how you feel! Now I’m anxiously waiting for their decision.
  3. You also applied in August? I received an email today stating that my application was under review. So I’m guessing I should get another email very soon. So nervous since this is my top choice
  4. I received the initial confirmation email on 8/8. Really hope they didn’t skip me or an automatic rejection lol. Good luck on your interview girl!
  5. Congrats Lauren! When did you apply if you don’t mind me asking? I’m wondering which month of applications they’re reviewing now.
  6. I also got waitlisted until phase 2... I wonder if any rejections were sent out or did everyone who didn't receive an interview invitation get waitlisted?
  7. When was your application verified? I haven't received the "application being reviewed" email yet.
  8. Hey! I haven't received a confirmation either and my application was verified 8/8.
  9. Congrats to those who got accepted! Did you all receive a confirmation email after submitting your application on CAPSA? I haven't heard anything from them yet and it doesn't show on CAPSPA that they received my GRE scores.
  10. Hey JD2012, I received a call on Sept 7th and was told that my application was complete and being reviewed. If I were to get invited for an interview, would I have received the invitation already? Or am I rejected and they're just taking time to let me know? Do you know how long they usually take to send out invitations after that phone call? I'm so nervous lol thank you in advance!
  11. We'll be interviewed in a group of 3, that's all I know. I wonder how long we'll be there for and if we're getting a tour.
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