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  1. Sure is! There’s a link that Mrs Mish sends out in the acceptance packet
  2. When I interviewed was accepted that following Monday. Look for a quick turn around
  3. About a month, but from what it appears they didn't send them out until July for the first group and I submitted before June. As for our if state, they are non-specific. I'm from PA, but I also attended MU for my undergrad. I do know plenty of the people from the current class are not from NC.
  4. I got my notification that materials were all received 10 days after I had submitted them via CASPA.
  5. I hadn't a mediocre GPA. My biology portion was 3.6ish, my chemistry portion was 3.1ish (due to factoring in calculus and physics as I was a chemistry major) and my general was >3.5. My gre overall was 64th percentile. My clinical experience will be about 600hours, 500hours by the interview day is work as EMT for hospital network. Very strong references and I had 2 years of research with a Biomechanist in that teachings in a DPT program and analytical chemistry.
  6. I was offered first round interview spot, so August 3rd!
  7. There is no supplemental stuff. They will contact you about any (if in progress) materials. If you get an interview invite, they will have you complete a background check document. But that is it
  8. First round interview invites went out Friday July 7th, got an invitation! Goodluck for the cycle!
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