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  1. I agree with Aunt Val. I primarily use Rosh Review and Pance Prep Pearls for prepping for EORs and other exams and have had no trouble with any of them. Also, if you have a long commute for any of your rotations, download the Physician Assistant Exam Review podcast for your rides. It's good for passive studying while commuting.
  2. I don't feel the need to start my own thread on this, but I find myself in a similar situation and am furious. Despite having worked hard over the last year and half to improve all measures of health, and succeeding in lowering my LDL nearly 100 mg/dl (without the benefit of a statin I might add), I was disqualified from USPHS service on the basis of a previous lipid panel that showed my LDL to be 4 mg/dl over the limit of 200. Never mind that I have been so successful in lowering my cholesterol that my physician has advised me to stop taking my cholesterol lowering medication. Never mind that I provided four subsequent lipid panels that show I now meet the standards. Never mind that I am currently well under the threshold for acceptable lipid levels. I am considered unfit to serve. No appeals or waivers possible, thank you and don't let the door hit you on the way out. Before embarking on the commissioning process I combed through the 50-odd page medical accession standards to make sure I met everything and wouldn't be wasting my time in applying. The unnecessarily narrow way in which the DODMERB reviewers are applying the standards are not only cruel but in my mind detrimental to the recruitment of medical professionals who wish to serve their country.
  3. Just FYI, here's a snippet from CASPA's privacy policies, relating to what you claim above: So no, they're not going to "ruin your good name." In fact, I'd be more concerned about schools that DON'T utilize CASPA, because who knows what system they are using to collect your information, or how they are circulating it amongst themselves. Yes, there are risks associated with sharing your personal information with any program, PA or otherwise. There will always be data breaches so long as we share information. But closing yourself off to a vast majority of opportunities by thinking they're going to steal your data and do something nefarious with it seems rather extreme. It reminds me of an analogy from one of my computer programming friends - you can make a house extremely secure by filling it with concrete, but doing so makes it much harder to use than a simple lock on the front door.
  4. Mantenso

    NHSC 2019

    It doesn't cost anything to apply, nor is the application very complicated, so it's worth a shot, particularly if you know you want to do primary care. That said, be realistic about the odds. They get thousands of applications for ~150 scholarships, so even with great stats the odds are slim. I had a 3.98 and 6 years of full-time experience working with underserved populations (Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, and The Carter Center), yet wasn't a finalist. I don't say that to discourage you from applying, just to point out how competitive it is. Best of luck to all of next years applicants!
  5. FAFSA for the 2019-2020 school year doesn't open until October, so unless you are talking about a program that starts in January 2019, you'll need to wait to fill it out. My program started in June 2018 and our financial aid application didn't open until December 2017. I would say fill out FAFSA as soon as it opens in October, but you'll need to wait until you're accepted to apply for financial aid through your school, unless you plan to do some sort of scholarship or private loan.
  6. I got pinged on Monday as well. Trying not to get too excited - we’ve got a lot more waiting to do before a yes or no.
  7. I passed my last major hurdle just this morning - signed a lease on a place near campus. Now all I have left is to get my titers done and wait for financial aid to do their thing. May can't come quickly enough.
  8. Me too! I'm about to go on my last pre-PA vacation tomorrow so today is going soooooo slow. I'm still looking at different houses trying to get things squared away for moving out there. My pup and I can't wait to meet everyone!
  9. None of the schools gave me any details as to why, but I believe it was either my atypical HCE or the fact that I had two prereqs in progress at the time of my application (though all the schools I applied to stated that it was ok on their admissions page, so long as it wasn't more than two). I think I just applied a bit too prematurely.
  10. It may just be that when they switched all your info over to the checklist they overlooked the appropriate course on your transcript. Mine was showing that I was missing math credit. I emailed them and it was fixed within 24 hours. So long as you have the actual course on your transcript they should be able to fix it for you pretty quickly.
  11. Undergrad Institution: University of Texas at Dallas Major: Literary Studies/Art Age at time of application: 32 Cumulative GPA: 3.96 Science GPA: 3.91 GRE: Verbal-165 (96%) Quantitative-161 (78%), Writing- 4.5 (82%) Direct patient care: ~4000 (overseas public health program, treating parasitic infections) Volunteer: 2 years with Peace Corps, 1 year as a Team Leader with AmeriCorps Research: none Shadowing: none Extracurricular: Destination Imagination (creative problem solving), Labrador Rescue foster Schools Applied (7): Emory, GWU, UAB, Colorado, Baylor, Midwestern-IL, Midwestern-AZ Attempt: First Denied: Emory, GWU, UAB, Colorado, Baylor Interview Invites: Midwestern-IL, Midwestern-AZ Interviews attended: Midwestern-AZ Waitlisted: none Accepted: Midwestern-AZ Attending: Midwestern-AZ
  12. I didn't email them, but sent them through my current university's electronic transcript delivery system. At my current school when you request an official transcript, you can select electronic delivery then it prompts you to enter the school you wish to send it to. Outside of using such a delivery system, you'd need to check with the Midwestern admissions people to see if they will accept an emailed transcript.
  13. They should be able to pull it from CASPA if nothing has changed since you submitted. You might want to call and confirm this though, if your checklist is still showing a missing transcript. I'm not sure that they do it automatically. I had to send mine in anyway since I had a pending prereq that I finished in August.
  14. Yes they do. I sent mine electronically a month ago. Though make sure you double check that they are ticking off the appropriate pre-reqs once your transcript is received. I had to email then to get them to fix my pre-req checklist after they had already marked the transcript as received.
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