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  1. They have full continuing ARC-PA accreditation and aren't up for review again until 2023. Not sure about any interview offers lately, though!
  2. If you haven't decided yet, I would say this - if you would be perfectly happy going to the program that you were accepted to already, I wouldn't bother with the invitation. Yes, RFU is a great program, but at the end of the day the things that matter are that you are (1) happy with where you'll be going to school and (2) that you pass your boards. Everything else is just extra beyond that.
  3. I was at the August 25th interview. They told us during the interview session that we would hear back in two weeks, and I got my acceptance email exactly two weeks after the interview on September 8th.
  4. Undergrad: Elmhurst College, B.S. in Exercise Science cGPA / sGPA: 2.78 / 3.86 Age: 30 PCE: 500 hours EMT-B, 6,500 hours ED tech at a Level I trauma center GRE: Q 155 V 162 Written 4.0 Shadowing: 4 hours at sports medicine/orthopedics practice Volunteering: Board member for city council subcomittee focusing on drawing young professionals in STEM fields to the area Extra curricular: Exercise physiology tutor, executive board of an allied health club at Elmhurst College focused on careers in rehabilitation science LOR: Director of Emergency Services, Emergency MD, Research Methods Professor Applications were all completed by the end of June with the exception of Idaho State, which didn't send out secondary applications until August. Applied: Rosalind Franklin University, Towson University, Campbell University, Idaho State University, MGH Institute of Health Professions, A.T. Still University, University of Utah, University of Washington, Duke University Interview Offers: Rosalind Franklin University, Towson University, Campbell University, Idaho State University (declined), MGH Institute of Health Professions (declined) Accepted: Rosalind Franklin University, Towson University, Campbell University Attending: Rosalind Franklin University Denied: A.T. Still Application Withdrawn: University of Utah, University of Washington, Duke University First attempt at undergrad (majoring in music business) from 2005-2011 resulted in 16 "F"s, four separate instances of academic probation, and a 2.07 GPA. I went back to school starting in February 2014 and maintained a 4.00 GPA across all of my prerequisites and nearly 100 credit hours of coursework. I went to school full time and worked full time for three years straight to get myself to a point where I could apply to programs and now I can say that it was all worth it!
  5. Congrats @Emrose @amwright5 @tommyktm28 (and anyone else recently accepted)! If you decide to go with RFUMS, I started a Facebook group for the class of 2020 so we could all get to know each other! https://www.facebook.com/groups/882235581944039/
  6. I can't answer the first question, but as for the second, I submitted to CASPA on June 12th and was at the August interview session, so I'm not sure if they're necessarily going in chronological order.
  7. Looks like they started sending out emails from the 8/30 interview! I got my acceptance this morning at about 11:45 am! Stats and timeline for those that are interested Degree: B.S. in Exercise Science cGPA: 2.78 sGPA: 3.86 Last 100 credits: 4.00 PCE: 500 hours EMT-B, 6,000 hours ED tech at Level I Trauma Center in Chicago GRE: 155Q 162V 4.0W Submitted CASPA: June 12th Submitted Supplemental App: July 10th Interview Offer: August 1st Interview: August 30th Acceptance: September 28th
  8. @tommyktm28 Unless you have something specific to say to specific people from the MMI, I'd say that it's best to just forgo the thank you note. There's nothing wrong with only thanking certain individuals from an MMI-style interview, but sending a blanket statement to the school just for the sake of sending one is, I think, mostly pointless.
  9. Good luck to everyone interviewing tomorrow! Hopefully I'll be seeing you next May!
  10. No problem, @Emrose. There was a ton that I liked about RFU (it was my top choice school, after all), some of it unique to the school in particular, some of it just the mark of any good program. The faculty there is top notch and really seems to work toward building close relationships with each of the students, despite the larger cohort size. Michel Statler, the program director, is also the director of the PAEA board of directors so she's very plugged in to what is coming in the future for PA education. I'm not sure if it's because of that, but the students we spoke to said that the faculty is really receptive to making changes in the curriculum in order to better meet the needs of the students in future classes - those surveys that you take at the end of a course will actually result in changes being made if it's a valid concern. The current students also told us that they have a gigantic network of clinical sites to choose from, including many outside of Illinois and even a few outside of the US. There's even a community clinic run by the school that you can start volunteering at during your first year to get hands on patient experience as a provider before you start rotations. Another thing that is more anecdotal, but I didn't see any students around the campus that looked stressed. Everyone just looked, well, happy to be there and like they really enjoyed the educations they were getting. They've got a "nap nook" in the building to go and crash for a bit if you need a quiet space to relax, there are treadmill and elliptical desks so you can burn off some stress while you study, the anatomy lab was huuuuuuuge (my tour group got to go in during med students' cadaver dissections), and you're only about a 40 minute train ride from downtown Chicago and everything that it has to offer.
  11. Thanks @Emrose, and good luck on Friday! I'll give you a bit of the advice that I've given to others that have asked. I know you've probably heard this a million times already, but try not to be nervous! Be yourself, know why you're a good fit for Rosalind, and why you think the school is a good fit for you. Also, when you're done with one interviewer in the MMI, move on. That one is done, and you'll be starting over with a clean slate with each station so there's no reason to sweat the small stuff. The interviewers are there to get to know you and see if you'll be a good fit for the cohort that they're building and for the program. You made it to the interview already which is a big accomplishment by itself, so be proud of that, and let your personality shine! Also, if you're in the area the day/night before, I'd highly suggest seeing if some other applicants want to meet up for dinner or something. It'll help you relax and give you at least a couple people that you recognize in the room the next day. There are some decent places near Rosalind in Lake Bluff, and if you head a little closer to Chicago there are a ton of options.
  12. Got my invite as well! File score was 5.49. I declined as I've already been accepted elsewhere, but ISU has a great program from what I've heard, and I hope that interviews go well for everyone else that gets one!
  13. I made a group for us on Facebook, too! Figured we might as well get to know each other since we'll be spending a lot of time together over the next couple of years. https://www.facebook.com/groups/882235581944039/
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