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  1. Hope you got in!!! This is Casey we were in the same group!!! I didn't get any email yet I believe she said Monday !
  2. I got the call this morning also, accepted my seat after nearly fainting!!!!! Best of luck to everyone! So excited and honored to be a part of this incredible program.
  3. Hello I got an email saying I was placed on the alternate candidate list, might be a silly question but I assume this is the same as the wait list mentioned in the thread ? Still very hopeful, many of the students who I met at the interview were also alternates /wait listed initially!
  4. Can anyone give a little insight on how the interview day was conducted ?
  5. My score from 7/2016 was 303: 149 quant 154 verbal 5.0 writing. Today I got 151 quant (!!) and 152 verbal. I technically earned a 303 both times, but my best quant was 151 and my best verbal was 154, for a total of 305. I already sent my scores from 7/2016 and I plan to send the ones from today as well. I am assuming they will consider all sent scores?
  6. Hey everyone, planning to take the GRE for a second time tomorrow morning. I had already sent my scores from 7/2016 to schools last cycle. I'm planning on applying to many of the same schools, but I will be sending out these new GRE scores with the hopes that I do better. Does anyone know if they "superscore" the results? Say I do better in quant tomorrow, but my verbal score (154 from last test) isn't as high. Do you guys think they will consider my highest overall score? Any feedback would be appreciated. Best of luck to you all. ?
  7. Hi there has anyone heard anything yet? Last years thread they started to hear about interview invites around this time. Best of luck!
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