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  1. HAHA I just saw this. Thank you, futurePA55! Hope they bump you off the waitlist!!
  2. Declined my interview, hope that gives someone else a chance!
  3. Also accepted, whoop!! And regarding the comments above — no news is definitely good news. I’m sure there will be more interview invites heading out based off of previous cycles. Good luck and hang tight!
  4. Definitely agree with journey2pa, very laidback and welcoming! But definitely be prepared. There are many resources online to review PA interview questions, make sure to go over them. Best of luck, Samantha and Emma! :D
  5. I drove from California so luckily did not have to uber but I've used uber successfully for other interviews. You can also schedule uber rides beforehand if you think you might run into any issues. I didn't end up going the hotel route and used airbnb. Let me know if you have any other questions! Also received my acceptance call yesterday, ahhh! What a journey!!
  6. We're still working on the details. I'll message you when we figure it out!
  7. Would anyone interviewing on 9/30 like to get together with another interviewee and I for dinner the night before?
  8. There isn’t a visible timer in the room but someone will make an announcement over the speakers when the time is down to 1 minute. Most people were done under the 7 minute mark depending on the prompt and we all convened into a room after we finished. It was definitely an amazing and low stress MMI/interview. I walked away feeling vey impressed with how passionate the staff are. Hope that helps. Good luck with your interview!!
  9. Invited for an interview on 9/30!! If anyone would like to meet up the night before, let me know CASPA 5/15 Supplemental 5/31 BCP 3.3 GRE 312 4+ years experience as an ophthalmic technician 700+ volunteer hours (medical mission, food banks, soup kitchen, etc.) 50+ hours shadowing PAs And to those still waiting to hear back -- don't give up hope! I was on Duke's interview wait list last year. This year marks my third application cycle and 2nd time applying to Duke. This is the first cycle I have received any interview. Keep up the hard work, ever
  10. Received an invite today!! Scheduled for 9/23. Cali resident CASPA 5/22 Supplemental 6/14 BCP 3.3 4+ years experience as an ophthalmic technician
  11. Just received an invitation to interview on Aug 6th!! If anyone would like to meet up the day before, let me know. Heading up from southern California. Here’s my timeline for those interested: Application submitted 6/17 Application status update (email that confirms satisfaction of initial screening criteria) 7/3 Invitation to interview 7/11
  12. I was placed on the interview wait list as well. If anyone is still interested in timelines, here's mine: Caspa submitted 6/25 Supplemental submitted 9/23 Notice of placement on interview wait list 12/4 A huge congratulations to those accepted! And thank you to all who have taken the time to give advice on this forum. I'm hoping the best for everyone and I am sure our hard work will pay off!
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