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  1. Hi! I really liked the video. Just one critique- it is difficult to concentrate on the material with the flashing lights. Thanks!
  2. Hi there! Starting PA school soon so I just want to say THANK YOU!
  3. Hello all! I’m in a bit of a pickle. I am a third year re-applicant. Last two attempts, I've either been mostly waitlisted or rejected. This year, I have about 6 interviews-my first interview I've been waitlisted. My second one-I should hear back today but I have a really big feeling I will be either waitlisted or rejected, only because other students have received acceptance calls. Anyway, I feel really conflicted because I feel that my application displays a lot of great qualities about myself- I've been a caregiver for my own mother for about 4 years, I have 6 years of health care experience, I've had about 800 hours of volunteering experience (300 hundred hours for a non-paid internship assisting a physician in an underserved area), 100 hours of PA shadowing from 5 different PAs', 150+ hours of physician shadowing , and I was extremely involved during undergrad school. My grades weren't so stellar, but my post-bacc grades show an upward trend, and I have a 301 for my GRE. I have done a paid mock interview and I've also practiced for my interviews. I am also trying to get all the advice I can through these forums- I've read the Andrew Rodican book as well (some people say read the book, some people say not to use it as an example). Some people also say be yourself and don't think about your answers so much so admissions can see your personality. Other people state that they should practice and know the answers to some questions right off the bat. I feel like these two approaches towards interviewing are different because the more people practice, the more "not genuine" they may come across? I really don't come off as arrogant, or strong. I show my passion towards the profession and really show admissions that I want to be the best PA I can be and also give back to the community (which is 100% true). I don't understand what I am doing wrong. As for my answers-am I not providing enough examples? Do I need an example for every single question? At work I'm bubbly and smiling all the time. I easily make friends with everyone. However, when it comes down to the interviews, I do become a little more serious because this interview will effect my entire future and Well, because becoming a PA is a serious matter! I want to make sure I answer each question appropriately...so I may not be smiling enough? I know I am overthinking this but if I'm getting this many interviews-it must be my interview skills. I just don't see what I'm exactly doing where a lot of these schools don't feel that I'm the right fit.  Please help! Thanks all.
  4. I’m also placed on the alternate list! I was told that the only information that could be provided about the waitlist was what was said in the email. To the current LMU PA students-do you know other students who have been accepted off the waitlist? Is the waitlist long? I’m staying hopeful!
  5. I’m not sure if I will be flying or driving for the January 19th interview. If anyone wants to jump in on meeting somewhere and splitting costs towards a place to stay or could recommend any places nearby DCOM, let me know! Thanks :)
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