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  1. I agree and the selection process is not transparent.I am so surprised how come instate students with 3.60 don’t get even interview. This program is extremely discriminatory and it’s accreditation should be removed.
  2. Hi Yulik, I got accepted in two PA schools but I like Towson’ CCBC because it is really more friendly for students and students are well connected. Again best of luck .May be see you at Towson.
  3. Hi Yulik, Can you please clarify what exactly you got it today?
  4. Hi Yulik,I think you can eventually be selected but not sure where they put you on the waiting list.If you are on top 2 or 3 then the chances are quite high.I do not think that by contacting them can reduce or enhance your chances.Good luck!
  5. HhH Hi benexton2, I got waitlisted for interview this year. You are so helpful and i am sure you will get in this year if you choose Towson
  6. Hi guys if anyone tell me about the number of seats for class 2021
  7. Hi everyone,anyone like to share any thing from yesterday interview experience
  8. Hi folks who interviewed today,please share any information such as how many slots are left or any useful info for people who are in line.
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